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Letters to the Editor

Winning the mid-term election is no sure bet

Why would anyone vote for a Republican or Tea Party politician after watching them disrupt and undermine the economy and government for the past six years?

Republicans are already predicting they will pick up more House seats in the mid-term election, using the logic that President Obama has an approval rating of 42 percent. Hello, that’s sky high compared to the anemic approval rating of 9 to 13 percent for House Republicans.

Even with the Republicans’ gerrymandering voting districts to favor their candidates, Americans will remember the Tea Party/Republican government shutdown and six years of contrived crises at the hands of these politicos. Is that what Americans want more of? It’s time to dump extreme Tea Party and Republican politicians.

Republicans were so sure of winning the 2012 presidential election and they got wiped out. So don’t put any credence in the Republicans winning the Senate or even holding the House in the 2014 mid-term elections.

Rob Lowe

Thank you for supporting Tail’s End

Tail’s End, the Animal Shelter for Nye County, would like to thank our friends and neighbors who came out to support Adoption Day on Saturday, August 9, at the HUBB, including all the wonderful people who volunteered their time for the day. We would also like to thank John from Pet Depot for the food, treats and goody bags he donated to our adoptive human parents. Thanks to the efforts of all, the shelter staff and volunteers and the volunteers from the HUBB and Pet Depot, the day was a huge success.

A special thank you goes out to Darla Halstead’s team, Mary Kay Radcliffe, JJ Graham, Loyce, Victoria and Hannah Seastrunk and Gordon Wiks. We would also like to thank Andrea McGuire, owner of the HUBB, for providing a beautiful setting for our adoption day, the lawn and trees and lots of space made the day comfortable and fun. Thank you too “Cowboy” for providing the music that kept everyone lively and the dogs relatively relaxed.

An additional special thank you goes out to the staff and volunteers from the shelter who came out on their own time to lend a hand, hauling dogs, cats, kennels, food, toys, etc., then staying and assisting with setup, breakdown and adoptions. Thank you staff members: Jennifer, Paco, Kathleen and Diane and our always loyal volunteers, Shonda, Bill, Sean and Peggy. This event would not have succeeded without all their extra effort.

All of the adoptive families are deeply appreciated by Tail’s End staff and volunteers and especially by the adopted new four-legged family members. It is because of the kindness, generosity and compassion of these special people that our dogs can look forward to a long, happy life in wonderful homes both here in Pahrump as well as Amargosa.

The staff and volunteers of Tail’s End Animal Shelter

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Letters to the Editor

Founding fathers did not foresee government’s power

Vote to open causes predicament for businesses

The Nye County Board of County Commissioners’ vote last Tuesday to open up the county 100 percent and to essentially remove the mask mandate creates a predicament for businesses.

Letters to the Editor

Hopefully we will come to other side a better people

Letters to the Editor

Reader: Do you miss Trump yet or like socialist agenda?

Letters to the Editor

If it is so bad here, why does everyone want to come?

Letters to the Editor

We all need to be really careful what we wish for

Richard Karpel: Time to put teeth into Nevada’s public records law

Unbeknownst to Nevada officials, the state has been conducting a natural experiment in public policy for many years now: What would happen if one of the state’s two main open-government laws had an enforcement mechanism and criminal penalties for government officials who violate the law, and the other one left malfeasors completely unmolested?

Letters to the Editor

Pahrump not ‘dark skies’ place anymore says resident

TIM BURKE: Take a lesson from ‘Hamlet’: Don’t procrastinate

To be, or not to be, that is the question” was penned by William Shakespeare in Hamlet. “To take or not take the coronavirus vaccine, that is the question,” is what many Pahrumpians might be asking themselves now.