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Letters to the Editor

Old campaign signage on roads unsightly

This letter is far past due and pertains to a subject that I am certain, is on the minds of many good people that call the Pahrump Valley home.

The subject for the most part has to do with the signage, aka “litter”, that that line most major roadways throughout Pahrump, promoting the so-called “politicians” running for various government positions during this two year election.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to deny the individuals who would like to have a crack at playing a role of improving the lifestyles of our citizens, by way of getting elected to their particular office in local government. It’s their right and I support that procedure, and the time for the citizens to choose who will run for which office was determined earlier this year, as is the case every two year period.

The problem comes after the individuals are chosen, and the fact that the signage stays put, from early in the year, to way past the actual election in November 2014. The signage is reduced to little more than so much faded cardboard and lumber, laying wherever it was installed earlier in the year.

As anyone who lives here can attest to, the signage itself has long past become so much garbage, waving in the wind. Debris being blown down, sun damaged and crooked junk, for all to see. That includes residents and visitors. Can you just imagine what someone who is driving through Pahrump for the first time, perhaps to visit family or friends or God forbid, to consider making Pahrump their home, must think? Try taking a fresh look at things, perhaps driving from one end of Highway 160 to the other end, and just notice how trashy and rundown the so-called sign look.

I know this is not a new subject, having seen it during EVERY two-year election cycle. The real question is, why is this allowed?? Is it because it’s allowed or perhaps a case of someone not doing his or her job, by enforcing current regulations or zoning, already on the books. If regulation does not exist, then it’s long past due to create the power to clean this eyesore up and NOW. If it already exists, then who do I have to contact to request that they do their job. A fine that is high enough to get their attention will do the trick I am certain. Their name is there for all to see, so contact them, issue a hefty fine and enforce the payment of that fine. Bet they clean up their garbage then. Either way, come on people, have some pride in your community and stop accepting the status quo.

Robert Gossard

County commissioners are not good listeners

I think we should all chip in and buy the county commissioners hearing aids. It seems they aren’t listening to or can’t hear the people of Pahrump.

So, let me reiterate, WE DO NOT WANT ROUNDABOUTS ON HIGHWAY 372. You seem to be able to find the money for all your other pet projects, but when it is something the people want you can’t find it in the budget. And Commissioner Borasky needs to get off the fence, this crap about “well I really don’t want it, but I will vote for it” is getting really old. I think we should replace you with someone younger who isn’t sitting on a fence. Maybe we should take away your paychecks, (which by the way you always seem to be able to find the money to give yourself raises) and put it toward a stoplight.

NDOT tells you to jump and you say “how high”. It would be better if you told NDOT what you want and don’t want (and it isn’t a ROUNDABOUT.)

Also, there are only a few people that want an airport. Actually I think it is only one (the person who already has a private airstrip) that wants it. You are planning on putting it in the area of Gamebird and Blagg, which is in the vicinity of where there are a lot of homes. Of course you say there are no homes, maybe you should take a drive out to the area and have a look. Would you like airplanes flying over your house at all hours? I don’t think so.

I would also like to know what you are doing with the sales tax hike we voted for in 2006 (and you just last year voted yes on it), which by the way was another thing Borasky was sitting on the fence about. (That fence must be getting really uncomfortable). The only reason it was voted in was because it was supposedly going to the sheriff’s office and the fire department. Maybe we should ask the governor to audit your books.

The people of Pahrump are going to be really sorry that they voted for an advisory town board when the commissioners start spending our tax dollars on their own pet projects, which we have no choice on.

Does anyone else feel the same about this? If so, start writing letters, let them know how you feel instead of sitting on your butts and waiting for someone else to do it.

Roberta Gaul

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