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TALK OF THE TOWN: What readers are saying about former board member’s VEA concerns

Several pvtimes.com readers have commented on the story Robin Hebrock first reported in the Friday, June 9, edition of the Pahrump Valley Times (Former Valley Electric Association board member says the co-op’s spending is ‘wasteful’).

If you missed it, Hebrock talked to Paul Healey about his resignation from the VEA Board of Directors earlier this spring, and detailed some of his concerns about the member-owned co-op’s spending ahead of its annual members’ meeting. It prompted dozens of responses from our Facebook followers. We periodically publish responses received online in the Talk of the Town section of our VOICES pages.

Here’s what some of our online readers are saying after reading the story:

“Crooked company should be investigated by the public utility commission.”

— Ryerson Jeff

“Sounds as if ‘The good ol’ boys club” runs deep in VEA. Also seems some are deathly afraid of losing their meal ticket if it gets exposed. Definitely will be attending all future meetings.”

— James Phillips

“Paul Healey, I 1000% agree with you. VEA is OUT Of CONTROL!”

— Natalie Albertson

“I would love to see a full accounting of travel expenses for board members and VEA execs, entertainment expenses, overtime expenses, CEO salary, bonuses etc. etc. As far as member-owned, I didn’t have any say in the rate increases, I wasn’t given the facts about the CEO who left under circumstances that sounded like harassment and what his separation pay was …Since the so-called owners are paying for this, they should have a say in these matters.”

— Thomas Atkinson

“I live in District 6, and as a single person whose electric bill is continuing to rise, and a person that has done research about the rate increase that we had the highest [rates] in the country of any other cooperative, I’m concerned.”

— Bobbie Lee Ward

“If only VEA employees could spill the tea of what happens behind the scenes…”

— Kurtis Hatherly

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