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TALK OF THE TOWN: What readers are saying about some of our most-read PVTimes stories

Pahrump assemblyman’s proposal would require ID to vote in Nevada

I hope we can win some reps across the aisle and get this passed.

— Matt Sadler

You show your ID when you register to vote!

— Desiree Rosemark

If it ain’t broke, DON’T fix it.

— Michelle Lorraine

It’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, leave it alone.

— Buddy Hedberg

I’m behind him.

— Monika Sweeney

I’ve never NOT had to show an ID in the 50 years, multiple states I’ve lived/voted in. Political talking heads should be relegated to wac-a-mole.

— Kathleen Reiser Mueller

I’ve always showed ID to vote and then again my signature is matched before being tallied. Vote by mail works great, no issues. They have my signature and info, and more actually. Then we can check online to see that it was counted.

Just a ploy to get rid of vote by mail. It works, leave it alone!

— Gail Rothrock

None of the other things mentioned are a right enshrined in the Constitution like voting is.

— Christopher Wilcox

I’ve always had to show ID to vote. One time I was denied and told my name wasn’t on the list, so I pulled out my voter ID card. She had no choice but to allow me to vote.

— Susan Ballard

Want to know WHY we should NOT give up our Fourth Amendment right is this. Yes we need a license to drive, fly a plane, perform surgery. Those are PRIVILEGES that we EARN. Voting is a guaranteed RIGHT, given to us by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s called the 15th Amendment. The REAL reason these people, like Hafen, want these ” SAFEGUARDS” is to prevent more and more poor, disadvantaged and brown and black people have more trouble voting. Gerrymandering and other IDEAS are a large reason Trump and the crazies were elected. Oh. First Amendment. Freedom of speech.

— Jackie Crouch

It should be that way everywhere.

Ballot harvesting should be illegal and Election Day should be the only day to vote and absentee ballots should be on a case by case basis. Of course the DUMBOCRAPS would still find ways to cheat after all they get 100% of the dead vote EVERY election.

— Dennis Cook

Ex-lawyer who bilked clients now accused of stealing from Tonopah High rodeo club

Who’s vetting these folks? 

— Kathi Cook

So what happens? She’ll do her time and get out and do it again. How can you throw your daughter under the bus, get up and look in the mirror? Businesses that exchange monies better start doing a background check on people. The money they spend might be a drop in the bucket compared to what they would lose.

— Cathy Mineck

Not her first rodeo!

— Eileen Padgen

This isn’t shocking. So many people are just crooks, thieves, liars. They have no morals, no conscience, no dignity. Just out to hurt people, no matter what. And the justice system does nothing. Repeat offenders, over and over again. Disgusting!

— Marsha Raczniak

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