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Muckers baseball off to 1-3 start this season

By the end of the weekend, the Tonopah Muckers had played four games, where they scored over 17 runs.

This season the Muckers are playing in the 1A Southern - Central division, where last season they finished in third place.

Game one

The Muckers started their season facing off against the Laughlin Cougars in a home tournament game. In the first inning the Cougars were able to quickly get six runs, four of those runs were due to several walks that led to loading the bases.

The Cougars were dominant, they had four runs before their player struck out. To prevent a seventh run for the Cougars, as the bases were loaded, the Muckers prevented a Cougars player from stealing home base.

By the end of the first inning, the Cougars were up 7-0.

The Muckers were unable to catch up to Laughlin and the match ended in the third inning after the Cougars scored their last run to cap the game at 8-0.

Game two

In the second game, the Muckers played against the Carlin Railroaders in a close game.

At the top of the first inning, Cody Pippin (4) was able to be the first player to score for the Muckers. After he made it to first base, he was able to steal his way over to home base. Levi Harhay (10) was able to follow in his ways; he hit the ball and also stole his way to home base.

Drew Otteson (1) got on first base after hitting the ball and was able to hit the ball to center field to get a run after the Carlin pitcher got a balk. Then the Muckers struck out and switched sides where the Railroaders got a chance to catch up.

Just like their last game, a pitcher for the Muckers got the opponent’s team loaded on the bases from walks. At the bottom of the first inning, five players in a row had to walk and later the pitcher hit the batter. The Railroaders ended up stealing home, adding three points by the end of the first to tie at 3.

At the top of the second inning, with the bases loaded for the Muckers, Harhay was able to hit a double that added two runs in one play, followed by a second double from Weston Morgan (35) for another two points. The score eventually grew to 11-3 before turning it over to the Railroaders for the bottom of the second inning.

Another Muckers pitcher handed out walks for Carlin. The Muckers switched pitchers once more with loaded bases. With two outs for the Railroaders and the batter with two strikes, the Muckers pitcher just needed to strike him out one last time.

But the pitch was thrown and allowed the Cougars to tie and beat the Muckers 12-11.

Game three

The third game was similar to the first game, a blowout in the contest against the Wells Leopards.

The Leopards were too quick for the Muckers. In the top of the first inning, the Leopards were able to get 10 runs. Most of the Leopards were able to hit the ball to the left of the field where they didn’t need to rely on walks to load the bases.

Pippin was able to score the first run for the Muckers after the pitcher got a balk turning the score to 10-1. The Muckers then had to turn it over for the Leopards.

After Wells loaded all the bases, they were able to keep hitting the ball that created a rotating door of players filling the bases and adding runs to the scorecard.

The game ended 16-1 for another loss for the Muckers.

Game four

In the last game of the weekend, the Muckers were finally able to come out on top with a win against the Round Mountain Knights.

The day before, the Knights were able to beat both Carlin and Wells, who beat the Muckers. In the last game the Muckers were able to finish the game 4-0 for their first win in the season.

Games coming up

The Muckers’ next game is an away game on Friday, March 8 against Sandy Valley (0-2) at 11 a.m. The last two games Sandy Valley played ended with a losses at 20-8 and 24-2 against the Democracy Prep Agassi Campus Blue Knights.

On March 9, the Muckers are playing another away game against the Beaver Dam Diamondbacks (0-2) in Littlefield, Arizona.

And at home on March 12, the Muckers will play against the Mineral County Serpents, who will be playing their first game this season. The Serpents ended their season in fifth place in the 1A Northern division, while the Muckers finished third in their division.

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