New Central Nevada Phone Book hits the streets

The new Central Nevada Phone Book is out, arriving at homes and business in recent days.

The phone book covers Tonopah, Austin, Fish Lake Valley, Dyer, Gabbs, Goldfield, Manhattan, Round Mountain and Silver Peak.

The phone book, published by the Times-Bonanza and Goldfield News, is available for free.

“It’s paid by the advertisers in the back,” newspaper Advertising Manager Bobby Jean Roberts said, displaying the yellow pages. “So all of these yellow pages are paid advertisements.”

Individuals can come into the newspaper office, 150 Main St. in Tonopah, and provide their phone number, change their number and also give a cellphone number for publication for the next year, Roberts said.

“We are taking any changes, corrections, anything, all year long,” she said. “We keep a book and keep it all year long to keep it up to date.”

All box holders in each of the communities get a phone book mailed to them, Roberts said.

“All of the hotels, motels and major businesses in town that advertise with us, we put them in their rooms so we saturate the community with the phone book,” she added.

The phone books are available at the newspaper office during normal business hours.

“We keep about 200 extra books throughout the year to help replenish hotels-motels that need a few books or anybody who comes into the community,” Roberts said.

“We give them to the Tonopah Library and the Tonopah Convention Center so that they can pass them out to new people who come into our community so we constantly can keep filling the needs of the public.”

The newspaper office works to verify phone numbers throughout the year to keep the phone book up to date, Roberts said.

“That way we can eliminate a lot of numbers when we know people have moved or died,” she said. “But those new people coming in, I have no way to get to them. That’s why we advertise in the newspaper and say if you have a new listing, you have a month to bring it in. We advertise for any changes that can be made.”

This year’s cover photo, featuring two elk in Hunts Canyon about 50 miles from Tonopah, was taken by local resident Barbara Cox.

“They’re two elks in velvet, it’s a great picture,” Roberts said. The Tonopah Times-Bonanza and Goldfield News started the phone book in 2006.

“We try to do local artists every time, somebody from Tonopah, from Central Nevada,” Roberts said. “We have done a whole lot of different books, but they’re always pictures of Central Nevada.”

A separate phone book serving other parts of Nye County and nearby region is published by the Pahrump Valley Times, Roberts said.

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