Letter to the Editor

Family thanks hospital for wonderful care

I’d like to commend Desert View Hospital for their outstanding people. Recently, my mother was admitted to their facility with leukemia. While her family hoped she’d rally and come home after her stay, we knew this was more of a wish than a reality. The reality came home to us on Mother’s Day, when she passed away.

Throughout her stay, the people did everything in their power to help her. She didn’t want to eat, so they brought her special treats to tempt her (e.g., ice cream, pancakes, anything they thought she’d eat). They also let her family stay with her throughout her stay, even trying to make our vigil more comfortable with extras like pillows and blankets.

The nurses, doctors, and even janitors made extra trips in to visit and make sure she was comfortable. Many stopped by when they left work to say “goodbye”, not knowing if she’d be there when they returned. One nurse even had tears coursing down her face after seeing mom, and as she said “goodbye” to us, her family.

The staff at Desert View Hospital is the most caring and professional I’ve ever seen. My mom realized it and commented on it many times.

For the wonderful way they treated my mom and us, we’d like to thank them. While it was a very stressful and hard time, the staff made it easier with their attitudes and caring. Thank you very much.


Doris Jackson

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