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Turning to heathens for help for the homeless

There is this homeless man living in the back of the rental place next door to Smith’s on Highway 160 by the driveway.

He has been there several weeks. He is not one of the beggars, he has no signs up asking for money. I gave him my change of $4 the other day. He did thank me and he sounded mentally retarded. I saw him yesterday and he looked just miserable. I think someone dumped him there.

I decided to contact the churches here in Pahrump to see if any of them would help him. I received one excuse after another. One of then was really rude; she stated I should call Arms, whatever that is. She did not give me a phone number. She stated this is not a church. It is listed under churches. Their website listed it as a church, the times of the service and the pastor so I emailed him. I now know there are not any Christian churches in Pahrump. They all will let you know what good Christians they are. Want you to attend their services and make sure you give them money. They are hypocrites.

I guess I should be going into bars, casinos and biker groups. Contact the heathens for help with this man. After all, that is where Jesus went, to the beggars, the downtrodden, the whores, the homeless and the criminals.

Linda Riggert

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