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Letters to the Editor

Rosemary Clarke student challenges community

I am an 8th grade student at Rosemary Clarke Middle School and am issuing a challenge to the community and to all students to come to a flash mob at Albertsons parking lot at 7 p.m. to sing “Jingle Bells” then “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and then right into “Silent Night,” then we will disassemble.

This will happen directly at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 in the parking lot near Denny’s. The challenge: There will be more middle school students there than community or even high school kids with their own cars.

Debbie Dwelle

When will it stop?

Well, that famous word “CORRUPTION,” in Nye County Judicial system will most likely be floating around this week. Monday, 11/25/2013, there was a scheduled hearing on a lawsuit by none other than Mr. Anthony (FIGHTING CORRUPTION) Greco. The defendants in the lawsuit were Pahrump Valley Times, former Town Manager William Kohbarger and Editor Matt Ward.

I wish I could have been there. Being confined to a wheelchair and no transportation made that impossible. It seems that the champion of FIGHTING CORRUPTION has not learned in the past that it is better to hire a good attorney than a half-ass paralegal. The lawsuit was thrown out due to improper paperwork or some other nonsense. So the taxpayers of Nye County are likely asking themselves, “WHAT’S NEXT.”

Maybe more non-existing ethics charges, more recall efforts from moron Progressive Democrats or more frivolous lawsuits.

I am riveted to my leather covered, chrome wheeled chair just waiting for the next chapter in Fighting Corruption with Mr. Anthony Greco, Non-existing Ethics Charges with Mr. Andrew Alberti and useless Recall efforts by misguided individuals like the Goldsteins. Great job Mr. Kulkin with the Recall effort. What’s the matter, no GUTS to attack the problems (if any) yourself? More to come after reading the story in the PV Times. Good Job folks.

Raymond Smith

(Somewhere in Nye County)

Was justice served?

With the recent sentencing of former NCSD school psychologist, Perry Hood, to ‘10 years to life’ on charges of child pornography, one must ask the question, ‘Was justice served?’

Perry Hood abused his authority as an adult and as an educational professional. He has done immense psychological damage in his abuse of teenaged children for the purposes of erotic gratification.

Yet, his crimes were not violent offenses. He was not convicted of rape or molestation of a minor. Therefore, does he need to spend the rest of his life within Nevada’s prison system when other more violent offenders-those who actually molest and rape minors are given far more lenient sentences?

Mr. Hood was diagnosed with pedophilia. Pedophilia is not a crime, but rather a pathological condition that warrants treatment. It can be treated and managed within limits.

While Mr. Hood needs to pay for the damage he has wrought, he should do so within a psychiatric facility and not a correctional one. Public monies would be far better spent in rigorous, corrective treatment than in locking him up for the rest of his life.

Did Nye County District Court serve justice equitably and wisely? I think not.

Bradley Berthold

Manhattan, Nevada

Relay Kick-Off Party thank you

The 2014 Relay for Life Committee would like to thank Jack Sanders for hosting our Kick-Off Party for the 2014 Relay at his Sanders Family Winery.

Thank you Johnny V for opening and closing the party with your awesome Elvis act. Reva Braun, Kathy Butkovich, and Laurie Wall were honored for their fundraising efforts, raising over $1,000 each, thank you ladies.

Thank you committee members for all the goodies you brought to snack on. Alan Foshee read a very moving poem written expressly for Relay, thank you. Thank you Cindy Moody for your moving testimony of cancer survivorship and thank you survivors and caregivers for attending the Party. Thank you PV Times, The Mirror, KNYE radio, and KPVM TV station, we couldn’t put on events without all your help.

A big thank you to Shannon Moore, our Staff Partner, and Chanda Wieland, Relay’s Event Chair, for putting on such a successful Kick-Off Party. The 2014 Relay will be May 16 &17 at Petrack Park.

Marian Maxfield

Publicity Chair

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Dennis Myers: Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak cast a veto against the founders

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