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Letters to the Editor

Government shouldn’t be in charge of utilities

I attended the Artesia “Meet the Candidates” event Wednesday evening and it was obvious that the residents there are extremely concerned that Utilities Inc. is going to take over the Hafen utility. They should be more concerned about the Nye County Water District assuming ownership since Utilities Inc. is governed by the Public Utilities Commission and the county is not. I do not know what horror stories they have been told but the PUC has a myriad of rules that each private utility must obey. Again, the county does not have any such restrictions on rates or connection fees. Mr. Hafen manages a well-run, tightly controlled facility. To the county this would be a cash cow. Have you ever seen anything run efficiently by government? I have not. In the past, Nye County spent approximately $1.7 million to supply 67 Manhattan residents water. Economical? You decide.

I was denigrated for resigning from the Nye County Basin 162 Groundwater Management Plan Advisory Committee (GMPAC). I stand by my action and believe that I made a sound decision. Before resigning I sought trusted counsel and after hearing my concerns they agreed that I had made a valid assessment with which any reasonable man should agree.

One attendee stated that the BoCC could do nothing to stop the State Water Engineer from making a decision contrary to the BoCC recommendations. That is only partially true.

If the State Engineer designates Basin 162 as a critical management area today, we have by NRS until May 15, 2024 to write and implement a plan to mitigate the problem of over-allocation. If the GMPAC submits a plan today it could be accepted and implemented tomorrow. In other words, any plan that the GMPAC submits can take effect immediately without the benefit of the ten-year cushion. Individual members of the committee have said that a plan can be completed and submitted by July 2014. Really? The only way that could happen is if the plan is already written. Please, citizens, watch the videos of the four committee meetings and decide for yourself.

One of my opponents gave a glowing review of the racetrack facility. I agree that it is a fine addition to our community. What I disagree with is a six-acre lake since we are in a water crisis and Nye County taking over the water and sewer system for that facility. I feel that this is in direct violation of the Nevada Revised Statutes.

David Caudle


Thanks for your generosity

Many thanks to our Artistic Divas &Dudes artists and crafters for their donation to Nevada Rural Counties RSVP. The donation will be used in Pahrump to help support our transportation, Respite for the Caregiver and Home Companion Programs, programs so important to many of our friends and neighbors.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Jan Lindsay, Field Representative

Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Inc.


Best candidate for county assessor

As a long-time residential real estate appraiser in Pahrump, now retired, it is my firmly held opinion that Sheree Stringer is the best candidate for Nye County assessor.

She is very well qualified by the licenses she holds, as well as by her lengthy experience. She has been working in the Nye County assessor’s office for many years. Her work ethic, as I have witnessed in my many visits to the office on business, is above reproach, and she has the respect of her co-workers.

She is my choice, and I hope she is the choice of all Nye County voters.

Stan Davis

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