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TIM BURKE: More government contol means less freedoms

“Socialism” is a political ideology that gained political prominence during Bernie Sanders’ two failed campaigns to be the Democratic party candidate for president. Sanders describes himself as a “democratic socialist” and an admirer of aspects of social democracy as practiced in the Scandinavian countries. His proposed policies emphasize reversing economic inequality.

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DEBRA J. SAUNDERS: Kamala Harris: progressive opportunist

Kamala Harris wasn’t a hard-core district attorney in San Francisco nor a tough-on-crime attorney general in California, but she was still selected as the Democrats’ vice presidential nominee.

DAN SCHINHOFEN: Special session fiasco part 2

During this current “special session”, our Democrat-controlled Legislature has prioritized police “reforms” and seem to have forgotten that we are in, what they call, “a health emergency”. While Nevada does have some bad officers, from the vast majority of police in our state, we have not seen racism as a driving issue. Still our state Democratic leaders think that getting on the record with specious “reforms” is a priority, so that their other Democratic friends feel good.

TIM BURKE: Nevada Democrats force November mail-in ballot

The act of physically going to a polling location and casting my vote in-person has always given me a feeling of satisfaction that I am participating in the election process.

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