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Reader has a lot of questions about Trump

Why does Trump, who has zero experience in American governance, have so much support? Why does Trump blame Obama for not passing laws to create jobs, when in fact, only Congress, according to our Constitution, has the power to pass laws? Why did this Republican Congress declare DOA, a bill by Obama that would have created thousands of new jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure? Why does Trump refuse to reveal his tax returns, when all presidents of recent times, have revealed theirs? Why does Trump favor Russia, our arch enemy, more than our NATO allies? Why has he abandoned Ronald Reagan who broke the back of the “evil empire’? Why has he chosen to become the Neville Chamberlain and patsy up to Putin, Russia’s old KGB agent? Could it be that Trump has a large loan with the Russian Bank? Does Putin have trump in a financial vice?

Why hasn’t Trump, unlike Hillary, presented a plan to make our economy better for all Americans, instead of just the top one percent? What sacrifice has Trump ever made for his country? Why does Trump refuse to respect the report on Benghazi by the bi-partisan House Armed Service Committee which decided that Hillary was not culpable, instead of accepting the highly partisan rhetoric of the Republicans? Why doesn’t truth matter to Trump? Why does he criticize our generals over ISIS when in fact Trump has no military training, no military experience, and offers no alternative plan to defeat ISIS? Why does Trump lie to Americans? If he cannot be truthful now, how can he be truthful after he becomes president? Why are many Republicans, especially the educated ones, refusing to support him and pledging their support for Hillary? Supply Side economics, aka trickledown economics, meaning that tax cuts to the rich leaves the rich with more money which they will spend to stimulate the economy, has failed miserably with every Republican president who has tried it. This is Trump’s plan. McCain’s economist has said that Trump’s plan will cost at least three million jobs and cause another severe Republican recession. Knowing this, how can any sane and reasonable person vote for Trump?

If Ronald Reagan were still with us he would have no use for anyone flirting with Putin. He would put America first and party second. He would vote for the steady hand, Hillary. Shouldn’t we follow his example?

Jim Ferrell

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