Business profile: Dan Delgado

Pahrump Gunfighters

Dan Delgado


Background: “I have been with the Pahrump Gunfighters since its start in 2002. At first, there was the Pahrump Valley Gunfighters, and then there was the Drifters and now there is just the Pahrump Gunfighters, which I founded and am now president. We are a 501.(c)(3) and have around 20 performers. I always wanted to be a cowboy growing up. I grew up wanting to be a cowboy in California and when I got older I was a stand-in for western movies before I moved to Pahrump. We are a performing group and we are available to perform. We just require a donation to help pay for the blanks. These can be expensive at nearly $12 a box.”

Personal: “I like to travel. Our group goes to Tombstone, Arizona a lot for competitions and to hang out with other gunfighters. There are a lot of gunfighter outfits and we all keep in contact with each other.”

Business climate: “We are the only group now that does this in town. We perform at the Stagestop Casino on a regular basis. We do a dinner show for the tourists. We will be performing at the Fall Festival on Sunday afternoon and on that day we will also have a show for the tourists at the Stagestop at 6 p.m. Then we do competitions in Yuma, Arizona where we are judged on authenticity of our outfits and our performance.”

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