In Profile: Peter George

Peter George

Safety King Nevada

4790 Manse Road


Age: 55

Years in business: “I have been in the business for more than 8 years.”

First job: “I worked for McDonalds.”

Background: “My company cleans air ducts, conductor coils, boilers, air-conditioning coils and dryer ducts. We have been in Michigan for 47 years and decided to come out West to Pahrump. I was in Michigan for eight years working for this company. I have to say I don’t miss the cold there. Before this company, I worked for an IT company. I got into this when the economy crashed. I found that back then people were not going on vacations, because they couldn’t and actually spent their money on cleaning ducts. You need to clean your ducts because dirty ducts can affect allergies and even your immune system.”

Personal: “I like to work around my house, just doing handyman stuff. I am concentrating on getting the business going, but I also like doing archery in my spare time.”

Business Climate: “There are three companies doing this in Pahrump and eight in Las Vegas. Air duct cleaning is what we do. There are some air-conditioning companies that install and clean air ducts but most of them don’t have the specialized equipment to do it. We do and we do a better job than they do because we do have the equipment.”

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