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What savvy shoppers buy after Christmas

While the rest of the world is lounging in their new sweat pants and playing with their new toys, savvy shoppers are still making their lists and checking them twice. The after Christmas sales are out of this world. Retailers don’t want seasonal items taking up space in their stores so they’re willing to sell them at a discount rather than risk not selling them at all.

CELEBRATING THE NEW YEAR: Tips for a party at home, options for a night out

t’s time to start planning how to celebrate the New Year. Since it falls in the middle of the week, some people will opt to spend it at home, even though New Year’s Day is a holiday for most people. A number of local establishments will offer live music or karaoke. There are also options for a fancy dinner, or entertainment which includes a food buffet or potluck.

California Lottery

No one matched all five numbers and the mega number in Wednesday’s drawing of the California Super Lotto. The next jackpot will be at least $37 million.

THE SEASON OF GIVING: Charities host last big push before the holidays

It’s the season for giving and local organizations have been taking donations since before Thanksgiving getting prepared for the Christmas holidays where less fortunate children and families benefit with meals, food baskets, toys for the children and other festivities. The last big push is this weekend.

Senior News

Pahrump Senior Center

Breakfast with Santa served from the heart

A holiday tradition returned to the Pahrump Valley once again this month.

Sasquatch, Bears and a Bikini

“There was a tribe of little ape-like people, like small Sasquatch, who lived in the next valley. They were our enemies, and my people were frightened of them, so one night the people went into the valley and killed all of them with spears and clubs. We still don’t go into that valley.”

California Lottery

One ticket matched all five numbers and the mega number in Wednesday’s drawing of the California Super Lotto, with a payout of $50 million. The next jackpot will be at least $7 million.

Support Meetings

Gamblers Anonymous

Stopping the Christmas countdown meltdown

You know what happens five days before Christmas? We panic, we whip the credit cards out just to be sure everyone has enough gifts to open. The budgets we set go out the window. The stress turns us into crazy, cranky people and by the big day we’re exhausted and not very Christmassy at all. If you’re feeling like you’re circling the drain, take a breath and let me help get you on back on track. There is still time to have a peaceful Christmas. You just need to take a few minutes to make a plan that will save you money, time and your sanity.

Death Valley hosts bird count

This year the annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) for Death Valley National Park will take place Jan. 4. People can experience the diversity of habitats and birds in the Death Valley/Furnace Creek area.

Credit cards: Read the small print

If you ask 10 businesses to define fraud, you’ll get 10 different answers. While they might be similar in a general sense, the reality is the parameters get tweaked — depending entirely on if you are a fraud-ee or the fraud-or.

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