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Divas on a Dime: There’s always s’more to love

Confession time: I’m not a happy camper. I really don’t enjoy camping. Roughing it, sleeping in a sleeping bag in a tent in the wild. No thanks. It’s a little too quiet for me. I consider it camping if my hotel room faces the trees. But it seems like everyone’s going camping and that got me thinking about the one camp tradition I can get behind: s’mores!

This warm, ooey, gooey treat always leaves us wanting some more. Which is where the name is believed to originate. As in “I want s’more!” It’s uncertain who invented the s’more but Loretta Scott Crew, who made them for Girl Scouts by the campfire, is given credit for the recipe when it was first published in a 1927 publication called “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.”

But it wasn’t until 1974 when Merriam-Webster added it to the dictionary, making it official.

Of course, much of the fun of s’mores is cooking them with friends and family over a campfire but if you don’t have access to a fire, don’t despair! These can be made on a BBQ, the stove top or like I do with a kitchen torch.

For those just joining our planet, here’s how to make s’mores. Toast a marshmallow over a fire until it’s golden, puffed and charred to your liking. Sandwich it between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. Squish it together so the hot marshmallow melts the chocolate. Et viola! A s’more.

There is nothing lacking in the traditional s’more. The ingredients are inexpensive and easy to find. But you know I must give this an upgrade because it’s what I do. Let’s take the humble s’more and give it a Diva makeover. We can switch out crackers, and candy bars and add some unexpected ingredients. This way you have a ridiculously delicious finale for every barbecue, cook out or campout for the rest of the summer.


Reese’s S’more – Graham cracker + peanut butter cup + marshmallow

Chocolate Mint S’mores – Chocolate graham cracker + Peppermint Patty + marshmallow

Cookie S’mores – Chocolate chip or Oreo cookies + chocolate + marshmallow

Salted Caramel and Chocolate S’mores – Graham cracker + chocolate + caramel topping + sprinkle of coarse sea salt + marshmallow

Lemon Meringue Pie S’more – Graham cracker + lemon curd + marshmallow

Nutella Banana S’more – Graham cracker + Nutella + banana slices + marshmallow

Cheesecake S’mores – Graham cracker + whipped cream cheese + strawberry or raspberry jam + marshmallow

Berries and Cream S’mores – Graham cracker + white chocolate + strawberries + marshmallow

Banana Split S’mores – Graham cracker + chocolate + banana slices + strawberry slices + marshmallow

Black Forest S’mores – Chocolate graham cracker or cookie + grilled cherries + chocolate + marshmallow

Now that we have all these s’mores ideas to try, we’d better get started. With or without the camping part, let’s roast some marshmallows!

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