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Local facilities pick up the pieces left from unwanted pets

It’s a beautiful sunny day, close to Christmas or someone’s birthday and on the sidewalk at the grocery store someone is giving away puppies or kittens. No shots, not neutered or spayed, but they’re tempting and beautiful. By the end of the day they are in a home and likely with people who have neither prepared for nor understand the responsibility involved in having a pet.

Big Bang pumpkin: Making pumpkins last

OK, I admit it, I absolutely LOVE Autumn. I get giddy the first time I see that huge cardboard box full of voluptuous pumpkins at the grocery store. Am I the only one?

Interim director for PAC choir

The Pahrump Arts Council recently lost the director of the local choir.

School Menu

Nye County School District elementary menu for the week of September 30-October 4:

California Lottery

California Lottery

Support Meetings

Gamblers Anonymous

California Lottery

California Lottery

Town Cleanup readies for Fall Festival

The annual Town Clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 21 in what Nuclear Waste & Environmental Advisory Board Chairman John Pawlak calls “an old-fashioned house cleaning.”

PONY EXPRESS:Annual event rides into Fall Festival

For more than a decade, the annual Pony Express Trail Ride was associated with the Bob Baker Wild West Extravaganza, an event set for Oct. 4-6.

Frugal but fabulous ‘tops optional’ party

It’s not what you think it is, so get your mind out of the gutter. It’s a big party for a small price. Here’s how you sneak a potluck past your friends, extended family or co-workers without resorting to the “bring a covered dish” same old, same old. It’s a great gathering idea where the host provides the base for always popular dishes and asks guests to contribute favorite toppings for fun, creative, communal cooking.

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