The numbers: Nye County DA, treasurer and Pahrump JP campaign finances

Of the primary races for Nye County district attorney, Nye County treasurer and Pahrump justice of the peace, the candidates for DA spent the most on their campaigns between Jan. 1 and May 18, as detailed in the first round of contributions and expenses reports.

District attorney

Nye County DA Angela Bello is facing fellow Republican Chris Arabia in the 2018 Primary Election and while Arabia reported higher contributions, the total of expenses for both is nearly the same.

Bello has taken in $8,895 with roughly $2,095 of that being provided by herself. Other contributors included Kaempfer Crowell at $2,500 as well as Beci Gregory and Nevada Restaurant Services Inc. at $1,000 each, among others. Her report also included $1,000 in in-kind contributions from S. Jones 300 LP. Bello has expended almost all of that amount, paying out $8,674 during the first reporting period, primarily on advertising services.

Arabia’s contributions were reported at $16,000 of which $15,000 is in the form of loans from Arabia to his campaign. Contributions of $250 each came from Jonathan Nelson and Ed Martell while Frank Toppo donated $500. Arabia’s expenses totaled $9,231 from January 1 to May 18, also with a majority of the money spent on advertising.

Justice of the peace

Of the six candidates running for the nonpartisan Pahrump justice of the peace seat, Lisa Chamlee has pulled in the most contributions at $8,705, followed by former Nye County Commissioner Frank Carbone at $6,450, Warren Pawliuk at $4,866 and Randy Jones at $2,650. Candidates Robert Martin and Richard Hamilton did not receive any contributions in the first reporting period.

Chamlee’s contributors consisted of several law-related entities, including the Law Office of David Rickert LLC which provided $2,750 and Nevada Family Law Group which contributed $1,000, among others.

Various individuals also donated and Chamlee recorded $445 in anonymous contributions. She reported $1,260 in in-kind contributions related to political signage. Chamlee’s expenses came to $7,518.

Carbone’s biggest contributor was Karl Snowden, who provided $3,000 for his campaign. Other donors included Floyd Construction at $1,000, C&S Waste Solutions at $500, as well as individuals. Carbone’s expenses came to $4,676.

All $4,866 of Pawliuk’s campaign contributions were donated by himself, every penny of which was also recorded as being spent and paid back to himself.

Randy Jones provided $1,750 of his own campaign funds while Douglas Gubler and David Neely contributed $700 and $200, respectively. Jones reported his expenses at $2,540 all of which he denoted was paid to himself.

Richard Hamilton and Robert Martin each reported $100 in campaign costs, specific to the fees paid for candidacy filing.


In the primary race for the county treasurer’s seat, which comprises a Republican-only field, sitting treasurer Pam Webster has received the most in contributions at $4,224; $3,224 of that amount was in the form of in-kind contributions. Direct contributors to Webster’s campaign were Harris Ltd. and HHH Ltd. both of which donated $500. Creekside Investments and MM Development provided the biggest boost in in-kind services, at $1,360 each.

Current Nye County Commissioner Butch Borasky, who will reach his term limit in 2019 and is now seeking the treasurer’s seat, had taken in $1,250 for his campaign, with $500 from himself, $250 from Saitta Trudeau and $500 from Red Apple Fireworks. Borasky has expended most of that amount, spending $1,109 from January 1 to May 18.

Candidate for treasurer John Prudhont saw a similar amount of contributions as Borasky, with $1,600 reported, all of which was marked as loans from his business, The Business Brokers LLC. His expenses totaled $835.

Candidate Mary Dawn Zlotek took in no money and reported expenses of $472.

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