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TALK OF THE TOWN: Pahrump is hungry for new restaurants & business

Pahrump is hungry for new restaurants and other businesses.

That’s evident by the long lines that snaked around the new Arby’s that opened along the frontage road of Highway 160 on Tuesday.

“That place looked like a drive-in theater,” posted Rachel Gia on the PVT Facebook page, noting the constant traffic at the new fast-food restaurant on its opening day. “Ridiculous. You’d think people never had Arby’s before!”

The new Arby’s continues to be busy in its opening week and Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce plans a ribbon-cutting there at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

Reporter Robin Hebrock’s story that highlighted the Arby’s opening — along with updates on dozens of other new businesses, projects and operations that are in the works for Pahrump (30 new projects in Pahrump: Arby’s, Chipotle, Midas Muffler, 3 convenient stores & more) — was the most read story on pvtimes.com this week.

It was also one of the most talked about stories on our PVT Facebook page.

In fewer than 24 hours after the story’s posting, it received 112 comments on social media and 83 shares.

Most said they were happy for the opening, although some said Pahrump needs to focus on attracting more than just fast-food chains.

“Stop with the franchises and keep the mom-and-pops alive,” posted Ryan Boychuk. “Town won’t stay small for much longer if all this is approved.”

“How about stop the building, keep Pahrump RURAL?” one follower told us on Facebook. “Don’t ‘Las Vegas’ Pahrump. If you don’t like it here, MOVE!”

Still others took the chance to post about other businesses they want in Pahrump, including Best Buy, Harbor Freight, Total Wine and Trader Joe’s.

“…How about a good Steak House , Red Robin, Outback?” posted David Overturf.

“Now if they can just get an In-N-Out,” posted Clint Lee.

“We need some clothing and footwear stores!” posted Tara Lake. “Maybe a 5 Guys? Fatburger?”

“Been waiting for a movie theater 22 years now,” Melissa Brentlinger posted.

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