Five sports adults can play in Pahrump

People complain there is absolutely nothing to do in Pahrump for adults and that is the farthest from the truth. The valley has a wide spectrum of sports to choose from and most of them are outdoors.

The town of Pahrump has two golf courses to choose from. There is Lake View Executive Golf Course, located in the center of town at 1471 E. Mount Charleston Drive and there is Mountain Falls Golf Course located at the southern edge of town at 5001 Clubhouse Dr.

The Lake View Executive Golf Course is the shorter of the two courses. It has 13 par 3s and five par 4s and the par for the course is 59. Lake View considers itself more of a walking course.

Mountain Falls is home to the Trojans golf team and is the larger of the two golf courses with a par of 72. The course offers amenities like golf carts with GPS and a golf professional, Jason Pomroy. The course is managed by Par 4 Golf Management, which also manages seven other golf courses in Las Vegas. Both courses offer discount rates to Pahrump residents. Contact Mountain Falls at (775) 537-6553 and contact Lake View at (775) 727-4040.

Martial Arts is a rising sport that adults use to keep in shape. In Pahrump there are several dojos ( studios) that teach martial arts and not just the two listed.

There is Dragon Cloud Dojo on 2160 Calvada Blvd., taught by Sensei Jose D. Hernandez. A community-minded organization, teaching Chugoku Kenpo Karate in the United States now for 36 years and growing, is a multi-program martial arts, fitness and sport karate organization designed to provide our communities with a comprehensive martial arts curriculum. For more info call (775) 751-0244.

For jiu jitsu there is Mix It Up Academy at 2400 E. Basin Road, taught by Robert Wilson. Wilson is best known for coaching Brandon Schneider, the successful amateur MMA fighter. He teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing. Wilson is Kru certified under Master Toddy, trained under Wrath White for 6 years and is a Brown Belt in BJJ. He has training in Jiu-Jitsu for over 10 years under Rick Davis, Sonny Nohara and Robert Drysdale. For more info contact ’€‹775-537-5622.


The Pahrump Nugget has over five adult leagues going on and they boast at least one league a day. They have men’s leagues, women’s and coed leagues too. The bowling at the Pahrump Nugget Bowling Center is open seven days a week. Fall bowling for kids has also started. The bowling alley is located at the Pahrump Nugget at 681 Highway 160.

For more information, call 866-751-6500.

Horseback riding anyone — if you like horseback riding with a competitive edge, there are the Pahrump Rough Riders. This is a neat organization that has events every third Saturday at the McCullough Arena at 6 p.m. The Rough Riders promote horseback riding. They have barrel racing and different types of pole racing.

Contact Loyce Seastrunk for more information at 702-234-7787.


Fall softball is here and is still open to all comers who want to play. The season is from Aug. 10 – Oct. 31 and they play at Petrack Park from 7:30 -10:30 p.m. on Monday. There are currently leagues running now. There is also a men’s league, a women’s league and a coed league.

On Friday there is a blind draw game, which is every Friday with a $3 per night buy-in, with two games being played on Field A. This basically is for players who just want to come down and play and don’t have the time to play in a league. All players’ names will be put in a hat and drawn randomly to form teams. Teams are limited to 12 players each. It is strictly first come – first serve. The age for the blind draw is 18 and the age for the regular season is 17.5 years. For more info call Diane at 775-764-1802 or Joe at 775-253-5323.


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