Little League has hit the park with nearly 320 players

The grass hasn’t greened up at Ian Deutch but Little Leaguers are out in force, some 320 of them, all preparing for a March 18 opening day.

“We have lower numbers than expected at the T-ballers,” he said. “And who knows what the reason is for that. It could be the economy or whatever.”

Regardless of the numbers, Little League president Banuelos is excited to start the new season.

“We grew in numbers this year,” Banuelos said. “Right now we have a nice wave of kids that started as 10-year-olds making noise and are now 12.”

When Banuelos said “making noise” he is referring to how well the kids have been doing compared to Las Vegas kids.

This is the measure that Pahrump holds its kids to and has been for years. After all, it’s the city that has produced a few major leaguers like Bryce Harper and Joey Gallo.

In regard to Las Vegas, Pahrump has tried to keep up with “Joneses” so to speak.

“We have a fall league going now with three teams,” he said. “But we have problems doing anything more than that because of field space. Fall league plays at the same time as AYSO soccer is playing and there is no room to play baseball and soccer at Ian Deutch park so we have to hold it at Simkins Park.”

He said games are limited at Simkins because there are no lights.

“We, of course, get good cooperation from the county on the parks,” Banuelos said. “They do everything they can to accommodate us.”

Banuelos is hoping though that the county finishes the new county parks so they can expand Little League and go year-round.

This something Las Vegas has in play already and has had year-round baseball for years.

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