County eliminates pet-permit tier system for Pahrump

Nye County commissioners unanimously approved a bill that amends county code to eliminate the tier system for multi-pet permits in Pahrump.

Nye County Principal Planner Steve Osborne said when Title 6, which regulates animals, was last amended, multi-pet tier I and multi-pet tier II were deleted and replaced with a new definition of multi-pet, and therefore Title 17, which covers zoning, needed to be amended to correspond to the terms used in Title 6.

“Multi-pet permit Tier I, which was six to 10 dogs and Tier II, which was eleven or more dogs, have been deleted under this change,” Osborne said. “Now there is only a multi-pet permit, 11 or more dogs. The tier system was eliminated.”

According to new rules, six to 10 dogs and cats no longer constitute a multi-pet permit. The rules apply to dogs and cats that are “kept by the owner for personal pleasure.” The ordinance change does not cover animals kept for commercial purposes. Dogs trained for search and rescue, or service animals, will not count against the multipet permit.

The current code allows up to five dogs and cats anywhere with no permit required from Nye County Animal Control. Six to 10 animals require a multi-pet permit tier I and are allowed as a permissive use in suburban estates and rural estates residential with a 1-acre minimum parcel size and larger. Ten or more animals require a multi-pet permit tier II and are allowed with a conditional use permit in one acre and larger zones.

The approved changes will apply only to Pahrump, the only town in Nye County that has a Regional Planning Commission and zoning regulations.

The bill will go into effect March 13.

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