Hafen students learn about water conservation

Officials with the Nye County Water Board, Utilities Inc. and the Nevada Rural Water Association have combined their collective efforts to bring water conservation materials in Nye County Schools for the brand new school year.

Representatives from the agencies poured into Hafen Elementary School to provide students with packets of water conservation materials for grades K-2.

Former Nye County Water District Board member Donna Lamm said more than 1,000 bags were stuffed with fun, educational, activity packets for students at Hafen and other schools to gain a better understanding of Nevada’s most precious natural resource, while noting other area schools will be included.

“There’s a lot more of these packets that will be distributed throughout the whole school system. They are geared more for first and second graders. They will receive coloring books and all kinds of WaterSmart pencils and erasers to remind the kids about water conservation. We are going to be building on this and hopefully reenergize the field trips out to Ash Meadows and Death Valley National Park,” she said.

UICN Area Manager, Bill Coates said he believes it’s crucial that Silver State students get the information at the elementary school level.

“If we teach the kids about the importance of water and why it’s a precious resource and how to conserve it when they’re young, they are more likely to be receptive of the lessons,” he said.

Utilities Inc. Vice President of Operations, Rebecca Oscarson said she wanted to partner with another agency to get the program in motion.

“We partnered with the Southern Nye County Conservation District because we want to make young people especially, aware of the natural resources and their responsibility in making sure these natural resources last. We want them to use them, but use them wisely. This was the best group we could find to partner with. We also have plans for educational science demonstrations and possible field trips for the upper grades,” she said.

Hafen Science Teacher Paula Ward said the school was selected because of its advanced science lab.

“They will be focusing on other schools, but Hafen has a science lab program. All of the students in grades K-5, the whole school, gets to come to the science lab where they can be presented with the water conservation activities. In addition to that, it ties very well with our science standards for water and conservation,” she said.

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