Hardy tours closed hospital, speaks to business leaders

TONOPAH – Congressman Cresent Hardy spoke at the Jack Dempsey Room in the Mizpah Hotel on Friday, Sept 4 to a group of approximately 40 business owners and interested residents who accepted an invitation from Fred Cline, owner of the Mizpah Hotel to discuss the SolarReserve Visitors Center, as well as other relevant small business concerns.

Hardy, after hearing from community members posing questions about the town health of Tonopah and its future, suggested that the town needs to focus as a community and come up with solutions as to “What you want to be.”

Business at best is a challenge and sometimes owners need to reinvent their business.

According to Hardy, tourism and what the community has to offer tourists will help keep the town alive. But all need to come together as a community and have a vision/plan and then maybe Hardy’s constituent office can help with additional grants to achieve town goals.

Cline commented that he thought the meeting was “fantastic.” He has never been in government but he and wife, Nancy, want to spend more time in Tonopah and to be an integral part of the community.

Knowing town issues, he said that he believed “it’s up to us to find a solution and then to go forward with plans that will potentially help the community.”

Hardy stopped by the hotel after a tour of the closed Nye Regional Medical Center, and its clinic, which closed Friday. Nye County Commission Chair Lorinda Wichman, the county’s Emergency Manager Vance Payne and departing Tonopah Town Manager James Eason joined facility CEO Wayne Allen to discuss the medical center’s challenges with Hardy.

The discussion centered around trying to bring back quality and accessible health care to the town. Hardy added that the state may be able to facilitate some grants and the Legislature might provide some assistance in the future.

After the meeting ended, Hardy was going to Tonopah High School to speak to students about leadership and accomplishing goals.

This was Hardy’s first official visit to Tonopah since taking office in January. He last visited the town in December soon after winning the 4th Congressional District seat.

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