IN PROFILE: Michael Kincade

BUSINESS: “Outer You” hairstylist

AGE: 55

BACKGROUND: “I was born an artist and could draw and paint from birth. I got a free grant to go to hair school. I started my career in Alhambra, Calif. This profession was a fit and I am good with people. I enjoy working for myself and I like the artistic expression that comes with the job. I feel I also have good ideas for cuts and color. I am a hair cutter first and then colorist. ”

FIRST JOB: “My first job was at the Calvada golf course and I planted trees. I grew up here in Pahrump and graduated from PVHS in 1977.”

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I have been in the business for 33 years. Being a hairstylist means you have to produce work daily. It pushes me daily to work hard. I like the fact that people establish long life relationships with me. I am more than just the person that cuts their hair.”

PERSONAL: “I like hiking and biking. I am a gardener that enjoys being outside. I like exploring nature and I like people who are Earthbound and people who are appreciative of nature and the planet, and not just about money.”

BUSINESS CLIMATE: “My business is starting to pick up again. So the climate is positive. I survived the downturn. I have focused myself again. If you care about people, people feel that, you can be a hairstylist.”

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