IN PROFILE: Michael Lach

BUSINESS: Developer, Water Board member

AGE: 46

BACKGROUND: “I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in international business marketing. I’ve been in real estate for 15 years and have developed property both here and in Tonopah. I used to run political campaigns on both state and national levels. Currently I serve on the Water Board.”

FIRST JOB: “I worked campaigning for a man running for Congress in Chicago.”

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I’ve lived and worked in Pahrump for 10 years. I’m a former Rotarian but with my schedule, I don’t have time to do it right and if I’m going to do something, I want to do it right.

“I do donate to local organizations such as Nathan Adelson, Rotary, Jim Butler Days and have helped get jobs for those inmates on the work release program to give them a second chance. They work out very well.”

PERSONAL: “I race bicycles and recently completed the Everest Challenge of 220 miles with a vertical climb of 30,000 feet in two days.”

BUSINESS CLIMATE: “I think there is still room for growth in Pahrump if businesses are willing to work through the channels.

There is not enough of a positive attitude in the town as a whole. The people who have the most to say are the ones who are negative about everything. We need to figure out how to look at the positive side of the issues.”

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