IN PROFILE: Robin Warren

BUSINESS: Co-owner of Serenity Behavioral Health LLC with Gaby Cruz

AGE: 45

BACKGROUND: “I have always worked in business management and am good with people and my business partner is a marriage and family therapy counselor. Before moving to Pahrump I’ve helped my husband run various businesses including a potable water delivery service in Alaska.”

FIRST JOB: “I worked for Wild Berry Products in Homer, Alaska making jams and jellies.

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I have lived in Pahrump for four years. We first opened a satellite business here and made a permanent move.

“We are involved with the community with NyE Communities Coalition and other organizations where we can donate, especially for kids’ programs. We’ve taken a less fortunate family and made a fantastic Christmas happen for them and we always donate to Toys for Tots. We sponsor softball and T-ball, too.”

PERSONAL: “I’m passionate about road cycling and love riding my bike. I have five children and enjoy spending quality time with my family.”

BUSINESS CLIMATE: “We need to incorporate. It would make it much easier to qualify for grants that would help create jobs. I do find the community to be very responsive to good service. If you put forth the effort to give good service, people speak positively about your business. I believe in shopping locally whenever I can to keep the money here. Nye County was super helpful with the special use permit we needed for the Calvada location.”

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