NCSD has 3 principal vacancies, 24 teaching jobs open

Nye County School District officials are looking to fill three principal vacancies this summer.

The campuses at Floyd Elementary, Gabbs K-12 and Pahrump Valley High School have vacancies at their top positions.

NCSD Human Resources Director Sheena Barnes said the district is reaching out to other areas in order to find the replacements.

“The openings are being advertised in the Las Vegas paper, Education Week and the Reno Gazette. The announcement closes at the end of this month. We will be building a committee, which includes a board member, a parent, community members and teachers. We’ll be following that process for all three administrative vacancies,” she said.

To be considered for the job, applicants must have earned a Master’s Degree with at least five years of certificated experience in a school system, including a minimum of three years of teaching experience.

The desired applicant will also have the ability to analyze, develop and maintain a school budget.

The contract duration for the positions is 210 days for Floyd and Gabbs, while the PVHS duration calls for 225 days.

Salary ranges for the jobs are between $68,691 and $93,377 based on experience and education.

Barnes noted that the district has the luxury of time to find the best candidates during the summer break.

“When you have a vacancy in the middle of a school year, many times you can post it in-house or just appoint someone. Because we are in summer break, we have time so we are going to form our committees. Our in-house administrators and teachers with administrative licenses are welcome to apply but everyone has to go through the Applitrack online application system,” she said.

According to NCSD regulations, prior to conducting the interviews, the interview committee will study the educational experience and qualifications of each applicant where five candidates will be chosen for an interview by the committee. Additional applicants may be considered with the permission of the superintendent.

If there are fewer than five qualified applicants, the committee can continue the process or recommend to the superintendent that the position be re-advertised.

Additionally, Barnes said the district is also looking to hire more than 20 teachers this year to fill vacancies, which is typical at this time of year.

“Of course, we have our regular teacher transfers. We have had several retirements and resignations this year. Right now my vacancy list has 24 teaching positions districtwide. We are now working very hard on recruiting this summer and getting all of those new employees processed,” she said.

Surprisingly, half of the vacancies are in the northern portion of the district where the student population is considerably lower.

“Twelve of the vacancies are in Amargosa and the north and the other half are in Pahrump,” she said.

The application deadline for the administrator’s position is Monday, June 30, at 4 p.m.

For a listing of all NCSD vacancies, logon to

For additional information call the district office at 727-7743.

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