Nye County Sheriff’s Office to get 130 body cameras

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office will get a batch of new equipment after county commissioners authorized the purchase at one of its recent meetings.

On Oct. 17, Nye County entered into a five-year contract with PCN Strategies, an authorized reseller of Synnex Corporation, for the purchase of 130 body cameras and 78 dash and rear-seat cameras for patrol vehicles for the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

The $1,103,455 quote is proposed to be partially funded from several sources, including the Nye County Sheriff’s Public Safety Sales Tax fund and grant fund. The $108,108 per year from fiscal year 2019 through 2022 spending plans will be submitted to the board for approval at later dates.

Savannah Rucker, Nye County comptroller, said the county doesn’t have to comply with medium-term financial approval because the county is purchasing the units outright instead of financing them. The remainder of the contract will cover the cloud storage for the data from the cameras.

Under the contract, the county will get warranty coverage for five years with a camera replacement on the 25th and 49th month of the contract.

Commissioner Donna Cox questioned whether Nye County has enough officers to warrant the purchase of 130 cameras.

Nye County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant David Boruchowitz said that although the amount of requested cameras exceeds the number of sworn peace officers, those cameras will still be used.

“Built into that is some extras, so that we never have any down time, so that if somebody’s camera is broken for whatever reason, there’s a replacement,” Boruchowitz said. “We intend on utilizing them for the auxiliary deputy officers when they go out that they also would have the cameras on.”

He said the Nye County Sheriff’s Office currently has 114 sworn peace officers, aside from the sheriff’s auxiliary.

The contract will run through Nov. 28, 2019.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office is also set to get new Tasers.

A five-year contract with Axon was approved by Nye County commissioners in October for the purchase of 130 Tasers, as well as replacement Taser cartridges. The quote of $359,573 will be funded from the Nye County Sheriff’s Public Safety Sales Tax.

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