Nye County Valor Quilters honor 35 veterans

What’s in a quilt?

Well, for the Nye County Valor Quilters, the answer is an awful lot of love and appreciation, along with months of hard work and creative expenditure, all in the name of honoring those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

“The top of the quilt with its many colors, shapes and fabrics represents the community and the many individuals that we are,” information from the Valor Quilters detailed. “The batting is the filler, the center of the quilt, its warmth. It represents our hope that this quilt will bring warmth, comfort, peace and healing to the individual who receives it. The backing is the strength that supports the other layers. It represents the strength of the recipient, the support of his or her family, our communities and our nation. Each stitch that holds the layers together represents love, gratitude and sometimes the tears of the maker.”

The mission of the Nye County Valor Quilters is to bestow one of their quilts of valor to as many Nye County veterans as possible and thus far, hundreds of the soft, handmade creations have been given to those who have served and sacrificed. On Saturday, Nov. 3, another 34 Nye County veterans were presented with their very own quilts in a touching presentation attended by a large crowd of their friends, family and supporters.

Former members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force were included in the awarding ceremony on Saturday, which took place inside the packed venue of the Valley Electric Conference Center.

Army veterans honored that morning included Edward Bartos, Jeffrey Bohn, Velma Chaffee, Ray Fineran Jr., James Kaszuba, Thomas Moler, Pete Quinata, Rebecca Shorb and Douglas Wolf.

Navy veterans included Victory Becker, Richard Cooper, Charles Ertel, Larry Fried, Ronald Gitter, Merle Jenson, Paula Noot, Elmer Patrick, Thomas Pryor and Wayne Stevens.

Those from the Marine Corps included Tom Edwards, Ralph Goff, Harold Hughes, Hans Korschinowski and Hector Marcayda.

Air Force veterans included Alan Foshee, Kenneth Lindell, Pam Raneri, Phil Raneri, Robert Vaught Jr., Adam Warren and John Wise Jr.

Veterans Reginald Knight and Richard Huff Sr. were honored for their service in both the Army and the Marines while Ira Dulaney was presented a quilt for his service in both the Marines and the Air Force.

Each of the veterans expressed their own gratitude for the kindness and thoughtfulness of the Nye County Valor Quilters, some lighting up with beaming smiles, others blinking back tears as they were wrapped in their quilts, tangible symbols of the love of all who had worked to craft them.

The Nye County Valor Quilters is a charitable organization that depends on the generosity of its members and the community to fulfill its mission. Donations are always welcome and can be made via check to Nye County Valor Quilters, P.O. Box 3632, Pahrump, NV, 89041.

Readers can also learn more about Nye County Valor Quilters, how to join and how to apply for a quilt of valor by contacting group leader Elba Rocha at 702-336-8918.

Contact reporter Robin Hebrock at rhebrock@pvtimes.com

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