Pahrump organization to hold workshop on bullying

Officials at NyE Communities Coalition want to help put an end to the practice of bullying.

The coalition is encouraging parents and their children to attend a workshop on Saturday to find out what’s available for school-aged students who are the target of bullying.

Entitled, “Lend a Hand, Take a Stand,” attendees will learn methods to prevent and combat bullying within the community and schools.

Co-presenter Linda Wright said there are resources at hand for parents whose children have been victims of bullying.

“We came up with this idea to have an anti-bullying event,” she said. “It involves the community, the school district, parents and children. We want to establish that there is an alternative to bullying in our schools. Parents need to know that they have access to information on this terrible practice.”

Saturday’s workshop runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 8.

Wright said those who choose to attend can participate in various educational and even fun activities.

Videos and skits will be part of the presentation.

“There will be all kinds of activities going on, as well as prizes and raffles for the kids,” she said. “They can sign a pledge against bullying. We will provide snacks and refreshments for those who attend. We are also lining up a guest speaker and we will have videos going on as well as skits.”

Wright also noted there are many reasons why some kids choose to bully others. “One of the main reasons is they just don’t seem to have anything else to do,” she said. “If someone is smaller than the bully, they can get bullied. Abuse at home is also a major cause of bullying. Many times they will pick on or bully someone who is disabled. We want to stress that they are just the same as you and me.”

Additionally, Wright said there are options a victim can take when confronted by a bully.

“As far as confronting a bully, the victim should not fight back but they should stand up for themselves,” she said. “There are alternatives such as simply walking away or just telling someone that they are being bullied so it can be taken care of. Bullying happens at all of the grade levels in school, even preschool. Not so much, but it is a different type of bullying.”

NyE Communities Coalition is located at 1020 East Wilson Road.

For additional information call Linda Wright or Pam Welsh at 775-727-9970 extension 236.

No RSVP is necessary.

Contact reporter Selwyn Harris at On Twitter: @pvtimes

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