Pave the way with a food donation; bar gets temporary liquor license

ABC Road Builders has been doing business in Pahrump for four years. The diversified company has offices in Nevada, Utah and California where it services residential, commercial and government accounts.

Owner Patrick Gorman said most of his services here consist of gravel driveways. “Over the years I’ve done a hundred driveways in Pahrump.”

Most recently, the company bid to pave the parking lot at Choice Hills Baptist Church on West Mesquite Avenue.

Pastor Carl England said against another local contractor, ABC Road Builders offered “twice the asphalt for about half the money.”

“I was pleased with the job they did and if I ever had another paving job, I’d use them again.”

Out of the business relationship, a benefit to community food resources has risen. Gorman said he’s planning on a rather novel food drive to benefit a local food bank. The beneficiary has not yet been decided.

Gorman said, “I’ll bring the asphalt, the community brings the canned food.”

The food drive will work to help residents as well.

“They bring a bucket, or I may have some, and I’ll fill it with asphalt for a non-perishable food donation.”

He said the paving mixture isn’t like the boiling hot, tar-soaked gravel you see on the big paving machinery working roadways.

“The mixture is formulated to be dumped in whatever hole you’re wanting to fill or fix. Then you run over it with the car to compact it.”

He said the company has done this type of food drive in Utah and it was very successful.

“We raised about $2,000 worth of food for the local food bank.

The event will take place “sometime around the first or second week in December.” He said an exact date hasn’t been determined but he intends to keep the public informed.

He said the event will be held at Choice Hills Baptist Church.

Draft Picks moving forward

When Wulfy’s Sports Lounge was sold to CRU Management from Costa Mesa, Calif., July 22, the business was allowed to continue serving alcoholic beverages under former owner Ray Wulfenstein’s retail liquor license.

The business was on the county commission meeting agenda Tuesday, and a temporary Retail Liquor License was granted to Bricos, LLC dba Draft Picks, pending the processing of an application for a permanent license.

The county is waiting for a copy of the health certificate and completion of the criminal investigation.

Temporary licensing has become a normal proceeding in recent months to avoid new licensees’ inability to service a big part of their business.

Laraine Harper, still serving as operations manager for the restaurant said although it has added a club sandwich and a steak to the menu, “it hasn’t changed much.” She said desserts will be added as well.

“A new sign will be going up shortly. The owners are just finishing up the new logo and as soon as that is decided, work will start on the sign,” Harper said.

Plans are in place to install additional TVs in the bar this week.

Harper said the company is working on getting its gaming license and she “hopes to have gaming soon,” but it normally takes at least four months or more to go through the licensing process.