Police: High-speed suspect had 13 rounds in gun clip

The felon who led police on a high-speed pursuit along the streets of Pahrump late Monday evening, made his initial court appearance on Wednesday.

Jeffrey Allan Horton, 28, wearing standard jail garb and shackles, did not have much to say appearing before Judge Ron Kent.

“Sir, you are charged with serious crimes, which could very well result in your long-term incarceration.” Kent told the defendant.

Horton faces 11 separate charges ranging from evading/eluding a police officer with disregard, to carrying a concealed firearm without a permit. He is being held in the Nye County Detention Center on $27,500 bond.

Considering the seriousness of the charges, Prosecutor Michael Vieta-Kabell said Horton should receive some type of bail on the cases, including an additional charge he received late last month.

Deputy District Attorney Patrick Ferguson filed Feb. 27 charges of assault with a deadly weapon for a 9-millimeter handgun.

“Clearly Mr. Horton constitutes a threat to our community,” Vieta-Kabell said.

After hearing from the prosecutor, Kent scheduled a hearing for Horton on the assault with a deadly weapon charge for April 6.

“This is alleged to have occurred on or about October 25, 2014,” Kent said. “This court will enter a not guilty plea on your behalf Mr. Horton.”

The court assigned public defender Lisa Chamlee to represent Horton.

According to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, Horton was traveling at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, in 45 mph zones after a deputy tried to make contact with him in the area of Medicine Man Road and Barney St.

The deputy, according to the report, spotted the suspect riding with no helmet and unreadable license plates which initiated the attempted traffic stop.

Horton, police said, failed to yield at numerous intersections, while at times he appeared to wait for police vehicles to catch up with him before speeding away on the 2003 high-performance Yamaha RS 600cc street bike.

Police also said Horton would turn off his rear tail lamps to further elude pursuing officers.

A total of six patrol vehicles were involved in the pursuit when it ended near Charleston Park Avenue after a patrol vehicle unintentionally struck the motorcycle as it was slowing down to go around another patrol vehicle, throwing Horton from the motorcycle.

While being handcuffed, police said Horton’s hands had to be pulled away from his front waistband where deputies learned Horton had a concealed Glock 27 40-caliber handgun with 13 rounds in the clip. Horton was transported to Desert View Hospital for treatment, then booked into the detention center.

Further investigation, revealed Horton was a convicted felon and prohibited person since November 2012.

The additional charge owning or possessing a gun by a prohibited person was attached to his charges.

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