Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch residential expansion plans clears hurdle

The developer of Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is planning a large residential expansion to its racetrack.

Nye County commissioners on Jan. 17 approved the final residential subdivision map for Spring Mountain Estates, consisting of 77 residential lots, five common lots and one open space lot.

In addition, officials also approved street names for new streets and a subdivision improvement agreement for Spring Mountain Estates. Among the approved street names are Spring Mountain Boulevard, Octane Court, Radical Court, Indy Court, Formula Court.

Russ Meads, who heads Double M Construction Inc., the developer of the approved homes, said the firm will start an aggressive schedule to complete the infrastructure of utilities and roads which they hope to finish within seven months.

“We are planning some garages and other small buildings for support of the existing operations during the summer,” Meads said.

Meads said Double M Construction is currently on hold with all development until this final map is recorded and the infrastructure is underway.

According to the agreement between Spring Mountain Raceway, LLC, the developer and Nye County commissioners, the company will complete several improvements to accompany the development at no cost to Nye County.

Among them are water supply systems, sanitary sewer systems, storm water management works, street improvements, utilities and surveying.

The total cost of improvements is estimated at $1.28 million, according to the documents.

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection has also recommended the approval of the residential subdivision map with respect to water pollution and sewage disposal that will be provided by the Great Basin Water Company, formerly known as Utilities, Inc. of Central Nevada.

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection also recommended approval of the Improvement Plans with respect to to water pollution and sewage disposal.

After Nye County approved the final residential subdivision map for Spring Mountain Estates, street names and subdivision improvement agreement, Double M Construction, Inc. will get the bond in place for the improvements and gather the required signatures over the next few weeks and record the map and get addresses and parcel numbers assigned to the new lots so they can be sold.

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