Woman faces charges in Nye investigation

A burglary investigation led to a few head-scratching moments and the subsequent arrest of a Pahrump woman.

According to a Nye County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Deputy Christina Sandoval responded to a residence on Wilson Road just before 5 p.m. on April 15, at the request of the out-of-town homeowner, who had a caretaker looking after the property.

Upon entering the residence, the caretaker noticed a naked woman fast asleep and immediately called the sheriff’s office.

“The owner was out of town and nobody had authorization to be on the property,” the report stated. “The owner requested the reporting party to check on her dogs within the home. When the reporting party arrived, he found one of the dogs had been let out and the previous locked door was now open. He proceeded to enter the home to check on the remaining dogs, where he found an unknown female sleeping naked on the owner’s bed.”

The report also stated that the reporting party attempted to speak to the female, who was subsequently identified as Brandy Howe.

Howe, according to the report provided a curious response.

“The reporting party attempted to speak to the female and asked who she was,” according to the arrest report. “The reporting party said she got dressed and stated that the police and internationally known pop singer Nicki Minaj told her she could be there and then she walked away from the residence.”

Deputy Sandoval was able to locate Howe after the reporting party followed her to the intersection of Red Rock Road and Highway 372.

“I was able to identify the female via her name, date of birth and social security number out of Hawaii,” Sandoval noted. “Further, she stated she believed the residence was abandoned, so she felt that she could live there. I asked her if upon seeing the dogs, whether she realized it was an occupied home and not hers, and she stated yes.”

Additionally, Howe, according to the report, told Sandoval that she was a methamphetamine user.

“She continued to say that she smoked meth a few hours ago and she continued to speak to me regarding her recent drug use, informing me that she was at the residence to use the drug and her supplier was the guy that found her,” the report stated. “It should be noted that she did not know his name, yet she stated she was there to meet him.”

Upon further questioning, Howe was eventually arrested and transported to the Nye County Detention Center where she was charged with burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

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