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Road work could have been done by now

It would seem we (meaning Pahrumpians) really have no say in the development of our town. We almost, if not always, have our development determined by “experts” who seem to always design projects that cost us (taxpayers) way more than a more desirable design.

Review the roundabouts being worked on at present. Traffic lights and a bit of road widening for turn lanes would have been completed two months ago. If that would have been done, State Highway 372 would have the heavy commercial traffic to and from California on a roadway meant for that kind of commercial use, not chip sealed roads they now have to use.

Chip seal roads are generally meant for cars and light trucks to use, not heavy commercial trucking on a continuous basis. These will need a lot of rework to keep up a surface to drive on.

Have any of you ever heard the definition of expert as “a has-been drip of water under pressure.” Seems true to me.

Henry Hurlbut