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COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: New and improved DMV not so improved

Here we go again, the NDMV is proudly proclaiming advancements in customer care. If your report is correct, for the year 2013, the Nevada DMV has collected windfall taxes equaling $2.8 million, from the kiosk tax levy of $5.00 per transaction.

When this latest tax scam was thrust upon us, I pointed out that we should get a discount for using the kiosk. I pointed out that it reduced the workload so that we could reduce the labor force in the NDMV. I remember when NDMV employees stood before us pounding on their chests just how wonderfully efficient the new NDMV office building, on Sahara, would be. The office moved about a mile West, and on to the North side of Sahara. Prior to that move, in 1973, pencils, pens and typewriters were used to conduct business. It was much smoother, and it was correct.

When the new office opened, the new computers crashed, the employee attitude toward the folks that paid for that building sank and the coffee breaks increased, the mistakes became commonplace, and the new computers to replace the new computers that had failed, failed, only to be replaced so many times, that we have lost count.

Step back and take a look at the NDMV. Just what does the NDMV do that we cannot possibly do without? Nothing. Every bit of tax collection can be accomplished by the Nevada Tax Commission. And, the NTC would charge sales taxes on automobiles based on the selling price, not the fraudulent MSRP. That is a fantasy. And taxes would not be charged on the alleged rebates (discounts) that the customer never touches. Another fraud. The NDMV issues titles, and I have found out over these many years that they have lost at least (3) titles for vehicles that I still own.

How many millions of titles has the NDMV lost over the last 40 years? They changed the name of the manufacturer, on my titles, absent permission, or authority, and without notification to me. Then they said that I made changes to the vehicles that caused the titles to be altered. That was a six-month battle.

On Jan. 15, 2004, when I went to the NDMV office in Pahrump, to renew my license, the office manager canceled my license, absent authority, absent my permission, and did so in retaliation for a remark that I made, which I stand by to this day. I found out what she had done 22 months later.

Her hope was that I would be arrested (NRS 484.361 is a misdemeanor), and when I produced a driver’s license that had been canceled by the NDMV, the highway patrolman would have shot me. Patriot Act, undocumented or false identification presentation allows for the immediate execution of spies or saboteurs during a time of war.

What of the thousands of folks that had their registrations canceled for not returning the insurance card. Then we find out that the NDMV ‘lost’ the cards.

Most likely the cards were thrown in the trash. Then we see where illegal immigrants are issued drivers’ licenses without the required identity documents that U.S. citizens are required to produce. I would like to fly without all of the searches and identity checks, but I am a U.S. citizen.

The NDMV enforces their own rulings, absent any authority under the Nevada Revised Statutes. The NDMV reminds me of the IRS, they function without the law, and the poor taxpayer be damned. There are no court hearings, just word from the DMV.

About 1974, I came to realize that the NDMV was a preparatory school for probationary government employees. That was where the newbies polished and honed their skills of contempt and arrogance that were to be heaped upon the commoners.

Upon graduation, they were sent to various government offices. Those that demonstrated any form of pleasant demeanor, humor, or ability to perform, were drummed from the service.

No cushy job, with endless breaks, and a pension that those working in the private sector (you know the ones that pay the taxes) could only dream of.

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