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Dan Schinhofen: It might be time to ‘Suck it up Buttercup’

When I was in elementary school and someone called me a name or “bullied me” I would run home to tell my mom. She would get down on one knee and take my right hand in hers, and with her other hand stroke my cheek. Then she’d look me in the eye and say lovingly, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you.”

What we were taught was that if someone lobbed a rock at you then yes, tell someone, right after you got a bigger rock and knocked them down. As for words, she would say, “Those people calling you names aren’t your friends so what do you care if they show how ignorant they are.”

The same goes for some adults today, and I use that word to describe their physical age only, think that they have a God-given right not to be offended. On the contrary, you have the right of free speech, but some people think that is an excuse to be mean, and with social media being in everyone’s hands 24/7 they can sit in their bathrobes and stir up trouble without ever having to face the people they slander.

A friend of mine once told me that people that have no life want to create drama in yours so they can feel alive. I’m finding out how true this is. Funny though, sometimes the one calling the kettle black is actually … (The preceding was not a racist statement nor does it reflect the writer’s sublimated hatred of a certain race, as he hates all races equally.) Like for example, someone keeps calling you corrupt when all the while they are, for example.

Speaking of racism, did you hear when Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, a presidential candidate, said, “It’s not enough to say you’re not a racist, you have to show it.” And this guy will swear to uphold the Constitution? (Innocent until PROVEN guilty Cory.)

We, as a nation, have gone way too far to the …, hell, I don’t know anymore is that far-right or far-left?! Regardless, the far left and the far-right have both hijacked our parties. I know very few people who can wholeheartedly declare they are this party or that party, as neither truly speaks for the majority of the people.

While they are crying about how divided we are as a nation they continue to use divisive rhetoric of race, rich versus poor and every other way we are diverse, while claiming “diversity is our strength.” Don’t get me wrong, I love that we are diverse. We were once called the melting pot of the world. My maternal grandparents came from Italy and fraternal from Germany. My wife’s parents are French and Irish, and I have Mexican cousins (just descriptive, and yes, Mexico not one of the other many South American countries so this is not a slur.) We also are Jewish and a whole world of diversity is in my family.

We love immigrants here in the Republican Party, or Republicans here in the middle. We do not like those that break our laws and cut the line to come in without us knowing you can support yourself and are not carrying any diseases. (Not going to explain because if you read race into everything maybe YOU are the racist.)

The Republican Party has some members that are white supremacists and they also have people of different races, gender and creeds, including Jewish. (You go cousin.)

The Democratic Party has some socialist and communist leaders and they have people who fought in the Korean War and those that fought the Cold War.

Do you get it yet? So, what if your neighbor may be a registered Democrat or Republican? Is that what we have allowed the political parties to reduce us to? Is politics the new religion? Do you really want a bloody revolution? They have families they love, and I am sure you can find a Republican who doesn’t like President Donald Trump and some Democrats who don’t like Sen. Bernie Sanders or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I am releasing a song soon titled, “Suck it up Buttercup.” It is about everyone being touching about this group or that group. We are all Americans. “It used to be the home of the brave; now we’re afraid of what some people say.” Look for it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or wherever you stream. You just may like it. And if not, well then listen to the end of the third verse for what I think about you being offended.

Let’s remember that unity makes us strong not constantly bringing up our “diversity.” Time to start talking about what unites us for a change.

God bless America, one nation under God.

Dan Schinhofen is a former Nye County commissioner.

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