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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Let’s talk about the peaceful transition of power

For nearly 250 years the United States of America has had a peaceful transition of power in our government. Of course after Lincoln was elected the Democrats seceded from the Union, but other than that, when one party lost power in the House or Senate or the executive, the position of president or speaker of the house has been handed over without bloodshed or rancor.

Lately the media has gone on and on about President Trump and how he may not step down if he loses the election. Yes, the president has made statements that can be construed that way, but let’s see what happened with the “peaceful transition” from Obama to Trump.

First off, right after the election, impeachment was talked about by the media as many in the Democrat Party were angry that their candidate lost. Even though the Hillary campaign and Democrat National Committee had paid for the Steele dossier that was used to open an investigation into then candidate Trump’s campaign workers. Even though the accusations in the dossier were never found to be true it did not stop them from beating the drum of impeachment from the moment he won the election.

Former President Obama and VP Joe Biden knew the facts did not support the continued investigation after Trump took office, but they encouraged it and Trump was never told about the open investigation when that “peaceful transition” took place.

The Mueller report that the Democrats demanded be opened at a cost of over 30 million dollars did not show any collusion between Trump and Russia, but still the Democrats continued the mantra that Trump “cheated”. All the while it was they that had cheated, but never mind that.

The divisions in our country got wider and wider as the far left helped to fund the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that came from Central America and invaded our boarders. It did not seem to bother them that our Border Patrol agents were being overwhelmed or that they had to keep them in “cages” (that Obama built). This was just more “proof” that Trump was a bad man.

Since the Mueller report did not give them the “evidence” they wanted to impeach Trump, they then hit on the idea that a phone call where Trump said, “Can you help us out…” Never mind that he never tied the aid to his request that they look into the Bidens’ dealings with a corrupt company in their country, the Democrats continued to say that Trump asked for a personal favor and tied it to the funds. (That was Joe who essentially blackmailed them over a billion dollars in aid.) The Democrats also said that because the aid was held up, which it was not, people died. The aid was for the following year and they knew it but they were on a mission to get people to hate Trump so no matter what they had to say or do would be justified, in their eyes.

Since the day he was elected, the Democrats have done everything they can to discredit Trump and to try and get him removed from office. The Covid-19 came about while they were still trying to impeach Trump, but when that failed, and everyone knew it would, they called Trump a racist and said he was blowing this Covid thing out of proportion. Trump stopped flights from China and a few days later flights from Europe. He did everything the “experts” asked him to do, including not asking people to wear masks as the “experts” at that time said they were ineffective.

Meanwhile, Nancy and the Democrats were walking around Chinatown and telling people to take in a show and not to listen to Trump. When this thing began to become a big thing they then turned around and said, “Trump didn’t do enough early on.” (No really, look it up for yourself.)

While many people were let go from their jobs and businesses were being closed so that we all could “feel safe” what happens next? Send in the anarchists and race baiters. The riots and looting started and even though Trump offered help to Democrat governors and mayors they told him to butt out. Seattle was taken over by an insurrection group claiming public and private property as their own and the mayor and governor of that state and city did nothing.

Just like the flood of immigrants trying to invade the U.S. border was not a grassroots thing, so too, these “peaceful protests” were orchestrated by the far left. People were paid and bused into town from across state lines to disrupt lives and add to the already chaotic and fearful times.

And now they say that it is Trump that has caused the violence and division in our country. The Democrats for years have gone on and on about our “diversity” and yet they are surprised now that we are divided. (Diversity comes from the word to divide.)

So now the media and Democrats try again to push the narrative that Trump will cause more division and will not hand over power. All the while they have been doing everything they have accused him of.

No, you could not make this crap up, and if you wrote it out as a Hollywood script no one would make that movie.

I don’t know about you all, but I am sick of politics. We have a man that was elected to public office for the first time in his life and a man that has been in D.C. for over 40 years and yet they claim the “systemic racism” (which I do not believe) is Trump’s fault. It didn’t just happen in the last four years and yet Joe and Barrack didn’t change the names of military bases or remove “offensive statues” when they were in charge.

I have written a new song, “Sick of Politics,” as I truly am sick of them all. Stop dividing us along race, religion, political party and start resigning en mass to make room for citizen legislators that will not spend their whole lives living off the taxpayers. Stop dividing us just to win an election and all of this can start by dissolving both political parties.

Vote for a man who has done what he said in his first four years in government or vote for a man who for 40-plus years has not done a damn thing to help anyone but himself and his family.

Dan Schinhofen is a longtime Pahrump resident and a former Nye County commissioner

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