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DAN SCHINHOFEN: More division coming up

President “projected” Biden stated that he will unite our country. Well, that’s good because his party spent the last four years dividing us. From the end of the election in 2016, the Democrats have refused to accept the results, but rather spent the last four years calling Trump illegitimate, a fraud, and of course tried to impeach him many times. The one time they actually went through with it, they knew it would fail in the Senate, but to meddle in the next election, they did it anyway, During Obama’s administration, there were many times some Republicans wanted to impeach Obama, but with the Senate being held by Harry Reid, they knew it would only be a show and cause division, so they did not.

Now onto the week-long election. I am not really surprised the way it has turned out so far because the left has been dreaming of an election like this for years. Who has been pushing for no idea when voting? Who pushed “motor voter”? And finally, which party shoved the “mail in” election down our throats? We do not need more voters, we need more educated tax paying voters.

I have tried to explain the problem to many of my left leaning friends, but they keep saying, ‘We have voted by mail for years.’ Not the same thing, and it shows a bit of disingenuousness because they well know, or should, that absentee ballots are not the same. I should have been more leery of this, too, but I am sure that our county clerk and her staff did nothing wrong. I know that we have purged our voter rolls from time to time, and so ballots were not sent off to anyone that has ever lived in our county. Clark County, not so much.

In Clark County, when the state Democrats voted to have mail in the county commission in Clark told their clerk to purge the rolls, but the Democrat Party threatened to sue, so they just had them mail out to anyone on the rolls. (I do not know if the Republican Party tried to stop this or not, but they should have). So, with a large transient population, ballots were sent to dead people and people that have not lived in our state for years. And that is where voter fraud could come in. Oh yea, and ballot harvesting by Democrat operatives.

For the past three years, the Democrats have told us that the election in 2016 was “interfered with,” and yet after $40 million dollars spent by Muller, they could not nail down any collusion with Trump. Still, they used that to divide us. They warned us elections could be interfered with and now claim there is no evidence they were interfered with.

On election night, Trump was winning in the battle ground states, and then they stopped counting and brought in the “mail-in” votes, and strangely enough, against mathematical probability, Biden was getting 10 to one of the votes. Only in Washington D.C. was it that lopsided as they voted 92% to 6% for Biden.

In many states, the results were 60/40 one side or the other. Those states that were close were leaning Trump, but, once again, when the “mail in” ballots were brought in, and brought in and continued to be brought in, Joe’s lead looked more like the D.C. area.

If that ain’t fishy, it sure does smell at the very least.

Another thing to note is that while we were all busy watching the election, the news seemed to forget about the “Panic-Demic.” The numbers they keep scaring us with still do not reach the high in July, which was half of what we saw in March/April. Yes, there are more cases, but the hospitals are not overwhelmed, and the fatality rate is exceptionally low, especially among those under 18. Survivability 99.98%. I only get my numbers off the CDC site and you should look them up to. If you get the virus there is a 95% chance you will have mild symptoms and if you are under 70 you have a 99.6% chance of surviving. And for that we shut down our economy? No, we did not. We keep it shut down to ruin the economy and to force mail in voting because it “would not be safe to vote in person” and yet they did have in person voting anyway.

So, the massive mail in hoax was set up, because if people were truly afraid of voting in person they could have requested an absentee ballot and then there would have been much less a chance for fraud and much less chance that the Media would call the election for Biden.

The election is not over until the Electoral College votes in early January. The national media held off as long as they could in calling a winner, but the Saturday before the Sunday morning political shows was coming up, so they “projected” Biden as the winner. This same media projected that Iowa was tied but Trump won by 7 points. They also told us that Biden would win easily and yet they had to wait for the “mail in” votes before they could call it for Biden four days later.

Since the media has been wrong repeatable, then why would any of us believe their projections now.

Last thing to think about; 70 million pissed off Republican voters and no city was burned down. Kind of interesting that the Democrat party operatives seem to have slowed down on their terrorist activities since the election.

My take away? We were all played by the far left, the national media, and our own elected officials. The virus is not as deadly as the fear and hysteria the media pushed. The country was divided by the left and now the “Harris Administration” is going to heal us? This from a woman who is of Jamaican and Indian heritage. She is not African-American because in Jamaica they do not call themselves “African-Jamaican”. More fraud from the party of frauds.

The truly last thing: here it is Monday morning and Pfizer announced they have a vaccine. Hmm, just about a week late for Trump, but I am sure Joe will take the credit.

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