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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Open Letter to Nevada House Delegation

To the honorable Representatives of our State. I am taking a moment to write and plead with you to act in the best interest of America rather than your political party. I heard Speaker Pelosi say, on 60 minutes, that one reason to impeach President Trump was so that he could never run again. While your Party has been talking about election interference since 2016 and spent 40 million dollars of our money to investigate “Russian Collusion”, no collusion was found.

Since the election in 2016 many in your party have made it their mission to harass President Trump and indeed those that voted for him. (Maxine Waters comes to mind.) While I agree our elections need to be above reproach your constant banging of the drum that our elections were compromised seems disingenuous now that Biden has been seen to win. Now you will not even look at the many affidavits from people that claim there was, indeed, in this last election “irregularities”. Even Clark county used that phrase when speaking about some races in our State.

The Impeachment that was brought forward at the end of 2019 was doomed to fail and you knew it and yet you put the country through that show to appease your base. Please do not make that same mistake again.

It is past time to try and bring this country together, but by demanding your pound of flesh you will only divide us more. The deaths and violence on January 6th are inexcusable, but you know, if you listen to President Trumps words to the crowd, he did not incite violence.

About 70 million plus of us voted for President Trump and many of those believe that there were “irregularities” that no one wants to investigate. In 2000, 2004 and 2016 many Democrat legislators objected to those Republican Presidents and now when some of our Republican Representatives do the same you call them names. Hypocrisy is not a good look on anyone.

Yes, I understand that many of you and your supporters think President Trump is evil incarnate, but please remember that he was elected fair and square. (You cannot call his election a fraud with out considering that this last one may have been too.)

I am only advocating for you all to put your country before your party. Another impeachment, while it will give many in your base, and some of your colleague’s satisfaction, will only deepen the divide in this country.

Any violent protesters should be held accountable and that should extend to the BLM and Antifa groups that terrorized cities across this country for most of last year. While you call them “mostly peaceful protesters” you must acknowledge that so were the majority of those that showed up on January 6th. They too just wanted to be heard but have all been called “insurrectionist” and “criminals”. Once again, hypocrisy is clearly seen.

Bringing on another Impeachment circus ostensibly to “protect our elections” is clearly seen, considering speaker Pelosi’s words, as election interference if President Trump runs again in 2024. You tried to remove him by your last Impeachment from the 2020 ballot, and now trying to remove him from 2024, will be seen by over 70 million Americans as election interference.

In closing, if you have read this far, President Trump will have less than a week in office. DO the right thing for this country and DO NOT make a vote to crush half this country’s spirit, but rather hold out a hand and be remembered as a Statesmen not just another politician.

I open this letter with “Honorable” and I pray you live up to it.


Dan Schinhofen

Former Nye County Commissioner 2011-2018

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