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DAN SCHINHOFEN: ‘Pot calling the kettle black’

Governor Sisolak is not only deaf to the people of this State but he also seems deaf to our elected representative who was elected to oversee election.

During one of the “Special Sessions,” Little Caesar” Sisolak pushed throw mail in voting, along party lines, without even giving the Secretary of State time to respond. One day before they shoved this down our throats she was presented with the Royal Decree from the Emperor and did not care one bit that we were once a Republic.

Caesar seemed incensed that this lowly secretary of state should question him, that those turning in more than 10 ballots register with her office so that she could do her job, ensuring that this will be a fair election. He actually had the nerve to tell her that she was “politicizing” this issue. No really, he did. Even though she spoke out about the law suit the Trump campaign filed he still believes that everything he has done is reasonable and legal.

I am going to say it again so that no one thinks I do not trust our local Clerk, Sam Merlino, to run a fair election, because I believe that she and her staff will do the outstanding job they have done for years. Although many of the Clerks I spoke to were most concerned about the provision allowing ballot harvesting. He also took exception with the phrase “ballot harvesting” as those words did not appear in the bill. (A rose by any other name).

Still, my biggest concern has been, and now seems justified, that our Governor has taken upon himself, with no legal authority, to dictate to the Secretary of State how to run a fair election. All she was asking for would only help ensure that no outside political groups could go into nursing homes and “help” people fill in their ballots and then file the ones they agree with while dumping others in the trash.

It would seem that my greatest fears are now being realized as our power hungry governor still has taken upon himself the governance of this entire state while ignoring Republican elected officials, just because he wants to curry favor with what he hopes will be a Biden/Harris administration. Even he must know that he is dead politically here in Nevada so why not help the Biden ticket win so he can get appointed to a nice cabinet position.

I have written about this before and while I was told that Representative Wheeler would be trying to put in a bill draft to open and fix the emergency declaration law limiting the time the governor can keep his emergency powers, this will not help us now. Once again, I am calling, crying, screaming for someone in our state legislature to stand up and demand a vote on repealing the powers of the Emperor.

While the Republicans are in the minority, they should at least be making a stand, like not showing up to the next “Special Session” as they are ignored, and all the egregious laws passed have been only with Democrat votes.

If this does not scare you all then maybe you are okay with a one-man rule. I, one the other hand, love this country and the Republic, and I can clearly see that one man having this kind of power is antithetical to our Constitution and Republic.

While the Emperor tells us he is following the science on all his decisions, then why aren’t the schools open for in person class as the CDC and Dr. Fauci recommend? Seems to me that Sisolak is more concerned with what the Teachers Union and his other leftist party members think, than he cares for what we, those that elected him into office think.

Sisolak has not made one move during this “crisis” that was not political in nature and yet he claims our Secretary of State, by simply wanting to ensure fair elections is. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I sure do not know what is.

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