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Effort seeks to promote Tonopah businesses

The town of Tonopah is debuting an effort to help introduce visitors to local businesses, an initiative that could help boost the local economy.

The inaugural “Small Business Saturday!” is set for March 25 in Tonopah.

“Come support your local businesses,” states a flier promoting the event. “Shop local and get some great deals.”

So far, five businesses are participating:

■ Vanwood Liquidations, 114 S. Main St.

■ Wishes and Wildflowers, 1137 S. Main St., #A1

■ Bella Quilts &Crafts &More, 101 N. Main St.

■ LuLaRoe clothing with Jaimie Woodworth, 538 Florence Ave.

■ Cal-Nevada Towing, 820 Main St.

Depending on the business, offers range from discounts and special pricing to a free alignment check.

“Small Business Saturday!” is sponsored by the town of Tonopah.

“This came about because this weekend, the convention center will have a large convention of people from out of town,” said Chris Mulkerns, the town’s administrative manager.

“We thought it would be a neat way to get those people to go to some businesses in town while they’re in town,” she said. “That was the brainchild for that.”

The promotions are available to anyone who goes into the businesses, Mulkerns said, not just out-of-town visitors.

She credits town staffer Shari Bombard, who is putting together events for Tonopah.

“She thought, wouldn’t it be neat if businesses in town offered a little incentive to come in and see what they had to offer,” Mulkerns said.

All Tonopah businesses were invited to take part.

“We mailed out a mass mailing to all the businesses that we have on our business license list for Tonopah,” Mulkerns said.

“So she got this many responses. Each one of them are providing an incentive to come see them on that day.”

As for the cost to the town, Mulkerns pointed to the flier itself. “There is no cost, really,” she said. “In fact, it probably will benefit us if people go and spend money.”

That would be by generating additional sales tax revenues.

The town is looking promote these types of local business events going forward.

“Hopefully, if this is successful, we’ll get more businesses involved on the next one,” Mulkerns said.

For questions about what is being offered, people are encouraged to contact the participating businesses.

Contact reporter David Jacobs at djacobs@pvt.com

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