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GEAR UP thank you for

GEAR UP thank you for

successful career fair

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) representatives from Pahrump Valley High School and Beatty High School would like to thank Victoria Blakeney, education program professional, and Tammy Bolen, Nevada GEAR UP director, as well as the following businesses, colleges, chaperones and volunteers for taking time out of their busy schedules to make the Feb. 23rd GEAR UP College and Career Fair at the Beatty Community Center an overwhelming success. We are happy to say that because of your generosity our students truly enjoyed the fair and received an abundance of good information, suggestions, and materials.

Thank you to: Beatty Community Center, Carrie Radomski and Ricardo Lopez; All Creatures Animal Hospital, Dr. Suzanne Zervantian – Karina Mendez – Danielle Altiero; Pahrump Family Dental, Jacob Blodgett; Vegas PBS, Cary Huddleston; Judge Jennifer Klapper; NyE Communities Coalition, Kaylee Harker – Andrew Gonzales – Marlaina Porter; Nye County District Attorney’s Office, Daniel Young – Detective Crystal Barajas; Valley Electric Association, Natalie Albertson – Dan Rogers; Beatty Mobile Massage Services, Wanda Bernhardt; Beatty Water and Sanitation District, Rob Shirley; Furnace Creek Resort, Kathleen James; Affiliated Chiropractic, Dr. Mike Taylor; Pahrump Valley Fire Department, Jim Medici; Wells Fargo Bank, Blanca Segura – Jessica McCutcheon – Kasey Carlson; Nye County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Summer Danneker; Nevada Highway Patrol, Sergeant Carlos Rivera – Trooper Scott Williams; Beatty Ambulance Service, Allison Henderson – Charles Botos; Beatty Fire Department, Chief Mike Harmon; U.S. Army, Sergeant Beisner – Sergeant Haeg – Sergeant Hutchinson; Saitta Trudeau – Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge, Don and Tamara Trudeau; Desert View Hospital, Chandra Anderson – Kari Eaton; Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, Dave Petrie – Tim Wigchers – Samantha Harris; Round Mountain Gold, Alex Avant; Nye County School District, Remle Perez; Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, Ana Puljic – Yesenia Trujillo; GEAR UP Ambassadors from UNLV; UNR; GBC; NSC; CSN. A special thanks to our chaperones that traveled with us and the Beatty High School students that assisted with setup and at the door.

Lisa Hamrick

GEAR UP Coordinator

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