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GUEST COLUMN: Sheriff’s candidate seeks to dispell rumors

Nye County residents, I think it is time to clarify some of the rumors that are spreading all over the county. I have said repeatedly, if anyone has questions for me, call or send an email to electsharonfornyecountysheriff@gmail.com. I will be glad to answer them. It seems the whisper campaign and plain old guessers are having a field day and are spreading statements I have not made and in some cases are spreading outright untruths. So, let’s clarify some of them:

1. In regards to an Undersheriff, the position does not exist in the county at this time. The current Sheriff eliminated it twelve years ago. It is not in the budget. However, I can and will appoint a number one (#1). I don’t think it matters what his/her title is at present. I have narrowed it down to two candidates; both have excellent resumes and clean backgrounds. Neither has ever worked for the Nye County Sheriff’s Office. So the answer to question number one: Wade Lieseke, David Boruchowitz, Billy Becht, Bill Weldon, Jack Hennigan, Eddie Howard, Frank Maurizio, although he has not worked for the NCSO, are all out of the running. Some of these names are constantly being thrown into the ring by someone, but it is not me.

2. In regards to a debate with Rick Marshall, I don’t feel we need one; but some people feel a debate is important. I have been told by Mr. Marshall’s campaign manager’s close friends, if the shoe was on the other foot, she would not allow her candidate to debate anyone. Wonder why she is pushing so hard for a debate?

My credentials are open for everyone to see. They are located on my web site, or ask and I will provide them to you. I am pretty transparent.

People are accusing me of backing out of debates.

a. I did cancel the first debate scheduled in July. One of my family members was sick in California; I planned to go, but at the last minute was told I would only be able to see her for 10 or 15 minutes. I chose not to go.

b. The second debate was to be on August 16. Although I took the blame, I did not cancel the debate. I told the NCRCC I would be there. I went to California to see the same sick relative, who was just placed on Hospice, during the week prior to the debate. I do get notices on my phone, but cannot listen to the messages from out of coverage areas. I returned the NCRCC’s call when I returned and was told they cancelled the debate. I would have stayed in California had I known my promise to be there was not a confirmation in their eyes.

c. Feeling guilty, I did write a letter to Mr. Marshall and advised him I would debate using the rules agreed upon for the NCRCC debate – They are calling that a Town Hall Question and Answer meeting. I wanted to hear and respond to Nye County residents’ questions and not questions filtered or censored by a moderator. I have been told that is not appropriate. Don’t misunderstand, I do not want to be subject to mockery or badgering, and I am sure Mr. Marshall feels the same way. I do want to answer real questions from real people.

d. KPVM informed me I would participate in a debate held at their television station about the same time I wrote my letter to Mr. Marshall. In fact, I think the letters passed in the night. I do not respond well to threats. Those are the only debates I am aware of at this time.

e. The Nye County Voter’s Registration Party, comprised of two Republicans and two Democrats, has contacted me and Mr. Marshall in an attempt to set up a debate. They said they have secured the Bob Ruud Community Center and want us to pick a mutually agreeable date. Our choices are October 7, 8, 14, or 15. We must also list our choices for a mediator; they have asked us to list six acceptable people each.

3. In response to my local law enforcement background:

a. When I came to Nevada in 1965, a POST Certificate was not needed, the Sheriff assumed the liability for his officers or in my case, his volunteers.

b. I volunteered, doing the work of a full time, “regular” deputy periodically, until the formal Reserve Deputy Program was created and implemented by J.C. Howard in 1975. I was formally sworn in on October 15, 1975 and have been a sworn peace officer for the state of Nevada ever since.

c. During my career, I have worked for seven Nye County Sheriffs i.e., George Barra, Don Tomany, J.C. Howard, Joni Wines, Harold “Stick” Davis, Wade Lieseke, and two months for Anthony DeMeo.

d. I handled dog calls, captured escaped goats, pigs, horses, cows, and burros; cited poachers, protestors, and traffic violators; found lost children, seniors, runaways and took them home; arrested drunks, burglars, thieves, trespassers, malicious acts, fights, gang fights, domestic batterers, etc.; conducted surveillance activities, assisted with homicide investigations and grow house/drug busts, caught escapees; provided keep the peace services for Town Board Meetings, school events, and special events prior to 1991. My law enforcement career did not begin when Mr. Marshall came to town twenty-four years ago. I worked two law enforcement careers, one volunteer and one paid, at the same time, which benefited both agencies.

Thank you for your time and support. I sincerely hope this clears up some of the rumors. I am a Nye County citizen just like you. I care about the county and the people who live and visit.

Sharon Wehrly 775-208-6731

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