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In response to ‘Wake Up Nye County’

Indeed, please do wake up.

One would think that the author of this rant and his wife are innocent bystanders who unfortunately were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

To the best of my recollection the disagreement so mentioned happened approximately (7) seven years ago. I moved to Pahrump in 2007 and had no knowledge of the bad blood between some in the Nye Republican Party.

I first became involved when I invited and brought Duncan Hunter a Presidential Candidate to town and was put in contact with Fely Quitevis the President of the NCRCC at that time. I subsequently volunteered many, many hours working in the office of the NCRCC. Apparently I became a target of the discontent within the NCRCC, “talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time”!

I don’t know the LaVar’s and they definitely don’t know me. I refuse to get caught up in the drama and unhappiness of those whose deep rooted issues I could not even if I wanted to alleviate. Nor will I get in the mud discussing and describing the Lavar’s reprehensible and nasty behaviors when I was a volunteer at the NCRCC office in 2008. All this is old news or it should be, I do believe most rational individuals would have moved on by now, it’s nearly approaching a decade.

I also find it unusual that the Lavar’s claim they have in their possession all county emails regarding the disgraceful nature of responses by Tony DeMeo and Bill Becht to my singular question, “Have the employees been e-verified”? How and why would these people have obtained these emails that is the big question, are they involved with Tony DeMeo? Well if they really do have these emails than they would also know it was Tony DeMeo and the Pahrump Valley Times that used the word “Brown People”, definitely not me, those words were never mentioned or used by me. Nor do I have any history of every being a racist. This is generally what a progressive will use when they are in a losing situation and losing control.

Regarding my First Amendment Rights; Obviously the Lavar’s, Lopez’s, County Employee’s, some Officials, Managers and Sherry Stringer and the like are not proponents of that particular Constitutional Right and are intolerant of it. “That is unless they want to exercise their own Freedom of Speech”. And so it goes nothing new there either.

I find it necessary to also correct the Lavar’s libelous and wrong statement about the Ethics Charges, and the reprimand by the Commissioners also referred to as a “Bill of Attainder” an unconstitutional act, and the exorbitant cost to taxpayers to hold that Kangaroo Court.

I was advised that I did not have to attend, but I wanted to do the right thing or so I thought at the time, in retrospect I should never have gone.

I conservatively estimate the amount of tax payer dollars spent to persecute me is upwards of 2 million dollars. The Union, the employees, and Official involved had no regrets spending your money to get revenge at me because I inadvertently won the election 3 and ½ years ago. Can you imagine an outsider getting elected to one of their sacred cow jobs that only locals are allowed to win, regardless if they are qualified or not, well that’s what happened and they want their 30 licks and don’t mind using your money to do it with?

The Ethics Charge was because after months and months of harassment of every kind imaginable I slipped and stood up for myself for a minute when the county trouble makers where illegally within feet of the Assessor’s Office doors. When I sited the law that made it illegal our DA sent me at least six different emails telling me it did not exist. Something you all did not read in the Newspapers because no one reported is when my Attorney team questioned Kunzi about this law and presented him with his own emails denying its existence to me. My attorney said and I quote “I was able to Google the law and find it in 30 seconds”. Nor did the Newspapers report how the Ethics Commission gave the County its own reprimand about what had been going on. They specifically said they did not want to be at the same place six months from then but here we are again. I highly recommend that you all read the transcripts from the hearing, what an eye opener into the insanity of some of those that run this County. The Ethics Boards primary role is to get involved when there is fraud or misuse of money, not cat fights, but then again it’s Nye County. I paid the fine and it’s over, I did the right thing, but apparently the Lavar’s are completely oblivious to that fact and/or don’t think I was punished enough. I don’t remember anyone going on and on when Butch Borasky had Ethic charges and paid a fine.

Maybe the Lamar’s are Misogynistic and discriminatory against women. Folks you need to Wake Up to the Fact that the press is liberal and have an agenda, they no longer report actual facts they only want to lead you into their way of thinking.

Lavar’s final rant is about the phony FBI Hoax; At a recent event the Lavar’s where seen setting with and supporting Sheree Stringer, an employee in the Assessor Office, who is running against me. Sherry Stringer is the worker who conspired with the HR Manager Danelle Shamrell to falsely accuse me of copying the CD in a sensitive letter to the FBI incorrectly sent in regular mail, by Shamrell. The same letter I hand carried to the Post Office.

The PVT was alerted so they could be on hand to photograph the FBI agents, the DA; Rick Marshall and about 8 other people entering the Pahrump Assessor Office to confiscate my two County owned computers. The whole intent of their farce was to give the general public the idea that I had done something wrong and the PVT was more than happy to oblige. What my friends the LaVar’s conveniently left out was that I was completely innocent of the false allegations and that nothing was found on my computers that was illegal or copies of the CD. It comes as no surprise that Sherry Stringer was involved, she wanted to do a little character assassination of me. Folks they think you are stupid and can’t read between the lines!

Just remember this because you’re in real trouble if Sheree Stringer doesn’t like you or the taxes you pay, you just might find yourself in a scandal, real or not. Incidentally Sheree Stringer does not appraise anything, her title is a misnomer. What she does is collects data from business’s and sends out collection letters, nothing at all to do with appraising and I will be changing her job title to Personal Property Declaration and Collection Processor. It was Sandra Musselman who came up with “Personal Property Appraiser” and it is time to stop misleading the tax payer.

I actually didn’t have time to ultimately respond to the questions posed by the Mirror because I was working full time at the Assessor(s) offices. However; it is true I found the question irrelevant to the job of being a County Assessor, something I have been doing now for 3 and ½ years. So who is the most qualified, that would be me. If you have any questions or concerns you can generally find me in my office.

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