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Letter: Intersections on North Highway 160 need better signage

I live and travel Highway 160, north of town. I drive on and by the intersections of Mesquite and Bell Vista that intersect with Highway 160.

There has been loss of life at both intersections in the last two years. There should be flashing lights, to draw attention to the stop signs at the intersections with Highway 160. On both roads there are flashing lights at the other intersections on these two roads, but not at the highway.

I have seen a car approach Bell Vista/Highway 160 and never stop, becoming airborne across Highway 160. I have seen cars lock up their brakes and slide to a stop at the highway. This tells me that the drivers didn’t see the stop sign!!! On Bell Vista approaching the highway, it appears as if Bell Vista continues, unstopped, beyond Highway 160. It’s an optical illusion!!!! There’s not even any rumble bumps at these intersections.

How many must die at these intersections before these improvements are made? I don’t need to hear that there is a conflict with the state, because Highway 160 is a state road. Lives have been lost, where there shouldn’t have been. I’m sure that there are other Highway 160 intersections that may have like problems. A flashing light costs much less than a person’s life. Thank you.

Donald Schieber

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