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Letter: Lack of library system a reason to move for resident

My wife and I have resided in Pahrump for nearly three years, having moved here from Las Vegas where we resided for seven years. We purchased land, and have a lovely home and garden. We like Pahrump. Alas.

As the nature of my interests require access to a wide range of non-fiction books, a service offered by the Las Vegas library system, and which they call “interlibrary loan”, and which, unfortunately is no longer available to me when I became a resident of Nye County, and is not available to me here at the Pahrump library, and as it seems that my wish to read these books is almost overpowering, it is with deep regret that I must inform my many friends and acquaintances that I have decided to move to Gouverneur, New York, my hometown, population 4,000, and whose reading room provides interlibrary loans.

I highly recommend that the government of this splendid community take a look at the library and make major improvements. I may not be the only person who wants interlibrary loans. If this community wishes to have, as your neighbors, people who read books, you have to do something about the Pahrump library.

And if any Pahrumpians ever get to Gouverneur, New York, let me know you are there.

Best wishes to all,

Albert Kaplan

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