Letter: Please stop discarding empty bottles in the desert

I live on the very north end of Pahrump, where open areas beg to be explored on foot, horseback and ATV.

Imagine my disgust to be trotting or roaring along on my horse or ATV and having to never be able to really relax and enjoy our natural beauty.

You see, my fellow recreationists, especially the ATV riders, have decided this open land is the perfect place to throw their empty beer and liquor bottles after swallowing that last drop. No, a bag on their bikes won’t do. They have to endanger my horse’s hooves and my small ATV tires by crashing bottles on the ground so we can run the gauntlet of sharp, jagged glass shards.

Hey guys and gals, can’t you at least throw them into a waiting mesquite bush, or along the side of a pathway?

Better yet, get drunk first and then head out. Maybe then, the only thing you’ll hurt is your head in the morning with a hangover.

Please, please stop this selfish behavior.

Patty Vinikow