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Letter: Resident concerned roundabouts won’t help traffic problems

Now we are beginning to see what $5.35 million gives us on a state highway – not very much, and certainly a poorly-thought-out project.

If, as I have written, stop lights were used, the project would most certainly be completed by now for $2 million taxpayer dollars.

I really wonder whose idea it was to do this in the beginning. Was it someone who came to us from another state? California? Sure hope it wasn’t a local.

One-lane roundabouts with this tight diameter I predict will be the cause of many accidents and maybe some deaths before it’s removed. The two-lane tight roundabout may last but not without its problems with traffic.

Why put them on a main state highway that heavy commercial trucks use? And now a new truck route? Wow – goodbye taxpayer money.

Henry A. Hurlbut

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